melrose place teaches me you gotta come in and bring the ruckus

they don’t make tv like ^this nowadays.
my mother use to watch this show called melrose place when i was a kid.
she never let me watch because it was “too adult”.
i decided to start binging the show earlier last month.
i’m legit on the second season now.

The first season had 32 episodes.
Each was an hour-long!!!!!

that first season was soooooooooooooooo boring.
it’s about a bunch of folks in an apartment complex during the 90s.
they are all dealing with “life” shit like job and love issues.
i didn’t think i was gonna finish it but i was told to just wait.
they told me to sit patiently until this white vixen,
heather locklear aka amanda “muhfuckin'” woodward,

…because she is coming to cause the ruckus.
it took 21 episodes into the first season for her to come but…

She is my favorite out of all these randoms.

that lady does not play.
she stays keeping her foot on alison neck.


she has already done fucked 2 wolves from the complex so far.
i’m still early into the second season but between michael and her.
michael went full-blown thot villain after being a “good husband”.

watching this show makes me think about people and life.
you gotta go full tilt “fuck it” mode.
they got spoiled by you being “nice” for so long.

you gotta add a little spice in people’s lives.
You gotta be the paprika to their pork chops.

many people’s lives are boring.
they are yearning for a little drama.
it isn’t about sleeping with people partners or looking to fight.
it can simply mean knowing who you are,
standing 10 toes in that,
living your absolute truth,
going after what you want,

and never apologizing for being in the grey area.
it always takes someone to come in and shake the table.
that could be you or me.

 lowkey: everyone i’ve ever admired,
was drawn to,
or lowkey stanned for has always been unapologetic people.
from people to celebs.
i love folks whose bite can back up their bark.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “melrose place teaches me you gotta come in and bring the ruckus”

  1. This was my show in my teens in the 90s and used to come on Fox network and I think 90210 ran an hr before. Amanda is a piece of work, she cause accidents and doesn’t acknowledge her “Oh, Oh” moment only to brush it under the rug. I alway wondered what happened to Vanessa Williams and she added a little spice to the show. That Billy character getting played is fitting in real life with that TJ holmes and Amy mess.

    1. ^ ohhhh noooooo!

      so amanda will get on my nerves eventually?
      right now,
      in season 2c
      sydney annoys me to no end.
      alison has calmed down a little but sydney is going ham over michael.

  2. Ok so here is how the show was supposed to go. The show was originally supposed to be a show about the 90’s but without the drama and people were waiting for the drama. It became boring and when the ratings started to dip, they decided to bring Heather Locklear in to shake the show up and that’s exactly what she did. It was too safe and people didn’t want to see that especially after 90210 went off. You can’t show a 3way relationship and then show a complex with no drama, that just didn’t work. That’s when Real World first came out and people actually wanted to watch the drama. The parents had the Soap Operas for the drama but there was nothing for the teens but Real World.

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