so, uh, kanye allegedly admitted he has dealt with the same sex before?

the forests stayyyyyyyed barking when ^these two were in cahoots.
i love when two people get together and cause conversation.

siri: play “end game” by taylor swift.
thats riccardo tisci of givenchy and kanye of kooky loony productions.
sidebar: am i the only one who thinks riccardo is ( x handsome af )?

milo yiannopoulos who was the campaign director for ye24,
claims kanye admitted to be a lowkey member of the foxhole bloodline


Does this shock anyone?

i feel like if i was in a room and a foxholer was spillin’ to me,
i’d not be shocked by this revelation.
i would ask if thats the best they got.
there are males i’d need to see receipts because i wouldn’t believe it.
someone like kanye tho…

i can’t confirm but in my head,
he gives a good “fluid”.
this (and the drake part) shocked me in the alleged conversations:


Excuse me?!

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “so, uh, kanye allegedly admitted he has dealt with the same sex before?”

  1. Can we speak on that generalization of black Americans male post? It’s a good conversation starter. Thoughts on growing up in a single parent household causing homosexuality. This trope has been discussed tiresomely.

    1. ^ that part of the text blew my top off.
      that’s how some white people see us and judge us by.

      i know males in two parents households that like men so i dunno if that narrative is too true.

  2. FUCK him on his generalization of black males about fatherless and mother dominance bullshit. FUCK HIM.
    These MFers are so comfortable in their supremacy they believe they can speak on behalf of every MR race as clearly THEY are the dominant race and they have every race receipts. FUCK HIM.

    No surprise about Kanye and whatever is ALLEGED. Humans are sexual beings period. ANYTHING will happen between 2 or more humans. That’s Life. That’s reality.

  3. The Pew Research Center did studies thar showed Black Men as the most hands on Father’s. So would that be possible if they were missing smh. That narrative needs to die quickly and the foolishness us exacerbated whenever a white Man tries to speak on it.

  4. Riccardo looks like trailer trash on heroin. Kanye would choose a assless white dude. No one noticed the handmaiden post from a few days ago, but myself and one other. I am disappointed. Who gives a dog’s ass about Tisci and Princess Kanye. We all know, for the most part, who these queens are and are not.

  5. That Milo guy is a far-right racist who only said what he said about Black Americans to be racist. The fact that Kanye gave him a job despite his racism just shows how retarded Kanye is.

    I’ve had enough of hearing what these filthy honkies have to say about anything. Crackers have a skewed view of the world. If they had to deal with even 1% of what we deal with, they’d commit suicide because they’re mentally weak. They already commit suicide in high droves. They need to worry about their suicide rates and opioid addiction and leave everybody else alone.

    1. I feel you. And everywhere I look and see on social media, that’s the general consensus presently here. We are tired of being marginalized by other groups of people who have oppressed us in every way! We don’t need nor value their opinions about us anymore! The revolution will not be televised!!!

  6. I come from a 2 parent household and so does my new boo. So that myth about fatherless gays is in fact debunked. Asshole!

    Kangay been fam since he came out with the teddy bear book bag 😂

    1. Supposedly when Milo “stopped being gay” he basically turned the husband into a “roommate” or something. I have no sympathy for any Black man who’d marry that self-loathing White thing but I would love someone to interview the “husband” to find out what the hell he was thinking and why he hasn’t spoken out yet about his association with Milo. He might be a true believer but even still, get him on the record.

  7. That Milo man isn’t well. He’d never fix his mouth to make that statement if he was. And 0 sane ppl are surprised by the idea of Kanye possibly fooling w another man.

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