Where Foxes and Wolves Cum 2 Die

I remember when these two sites were poppin’ back in the day.
If you weren’t on there,
then you were a nobody.

the bubble has popped.


I remember I met:

Dean of some college
2 dudes who worked in the government
Freshman football player

…and countless others…

All really from just browsing through profiles or requests.
Even though they were either a) idiots b) lost touch or c) didn’t work out
I had the option of finding something else to keep me occupied.

I’d be surprised if you find that anymore.
And if you do,
you got to wonder what baggage comes with them.

It wasn’t this:

“Cum to my crib, let me beat it out the frame, you suck my stick, and go about ya merry way.”

Dude’s wanted to date and actually go out.
Well they wanted to take me out.
Some I did let come over and we had relations,
while others,
just wanted to meet someone that they could chill with outside closed doors.

these sites have become Myspace and Facebook.
Back then,
it use to be very discreet-ish.
Now we got friend’s list, ,message boards, and rating systems.

They became commercial.

But have no fear,
Jamari Fox is here.

I have gathered a few tips throughout the years
for my Foxes who want to go on there and keep hope alive.


Never believe what you read.

Just because he says what he is looking for,
doesn’t usually mean he is telling the truth.
The biggest hoes always claim they are innocent and have been “hurt”.
Yeah, you went on a dick sukkin’ spree and it didn’t work out so you a born again Christian now?


Avoid a nigga with a novel in his intro.

You really expect me to read that shit?
What are we even going to talk about when I do hit you up?
His whole fuckin’ life story about what he doesn’t want and who not to hit him up.
Yet…. you looking like the Loch-Ness Monster or a lost relative from The Klumps.


Damn near nekkid in every shot…. but you aren’t looking forĀ  sex.

I’m sorry,
that annoys me.
If you read his intro and he says:

“I’m not about sex. I’m just trying to find something real.”

Yet he posing in man-ties and speedos,
then you got a delusional nigga ho on ya hands.
You could probably beat that EASY.

I’d make it an personal effort to skeet in his face.


Keep communication lite.

If a cute dude hits you up,
and you feelin him,
then hurry up and take the conversation off the site.
Don’t spoil him by only speaking to him online.
If you both feeling each other, what is the hold up?

If he is acting like he charges 29.99 to get his number,
move on.


If you meet a dude,
and he won’t call you or give you his number,



Ain’t no nigga that D/L that he can’t call/text you.
And watch out for them tease niggas on there.
Talking all this and that,
but yet not showing and proving.

That should already be common sense.


There is a certain look that real pictures give.

Anything that looks overly professional
usually means overly photoshopped.
Then that means, overly bad skin.
If all his shots look like he is damn near flawless,
he probably isn’t.


Fats, Fems, and Fugs.

If someone hits you up that you aren’t interested in,
politely tell them “not interested“.
Let’s face it,
dudes you are NOT attracted to will hit you up even if you have a disclaimer.
Just let him know you ain’t interested and K.I.M.

Remember: Block is your best friend.


If you see a FINE SEXY ASS WOLF and he has his pictures open….

…and he has his D/L or Discreet as his ROLE.



Better yet,
be wary of a any dude
with his pictures open to begin with that looks “that good”.
If it usually to good to be true,
then it probably is.

Or, he had more ass on his dicks than a toilet bowl.


Youngins, Youngins, Youngins.

They will click put 18 and be seriously 16!!!!!!
Any dude who looks like he doesn’t have hair on his balls yet,
then be ready to ask for ID.

Or, they are probably new to this lifestyle and will play grown up when they still got Similac on their breath.
Ain’t nothing wrong with some 18+ dick/booty,
but since they are “new” – they have empty suitcases.
They can become VERY clingy REALLY fast…. and have a curfew.


If you do decide to meet a dude of your interest off those sites
and you gonna smash,
I cannot stress enough:


You met him off a chat site,
so more than likely,
he has 17 more messages requesting the same thing.

Why play with ya health for a nut?

You are NOT Fox-like if you are fuckin’ without condoms.
Your Fox pass will be denied.
No questions asked.

Hope these helped my Foxes out there,
if you have anything else to add,

We got to look out for each other.

Love ya.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. I have never and will never hop on one of those sites. I haven’t met anyone who’s found serious on them. Most of it is fleeting interactions with men who aren’t willing to stick around when things inevitably get tough. They simply hop back on the internet and find someone else.

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