I’d Sell My Soul For The Nearest Camera

You ever stop to wonder what happens
to these Wolves/Foxes/Hybrids/and Vixens once they fall off?

You know, the ones who are steadily trying to be online stars.
The ones who think they can rap good because they look good.
The ones who think because they got over 10,000 followers,
that they made it in life.

Is everyone trying to be a star?

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Hey Guys! Lets Go Swimming In The Thirst Pool!!

Thirsty behavior bothers me.
Well, pure dehydration bugs me.
I was reading an entry from Vain on his site on the train.
His blog tends to be my commute read.
I literally said out loud:


Everyone looked at me like I was one of the crazies.
I did not care because the subject matter was one I see all too well.

Let’s get to it…

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Where Foxes and Wolves Cum 2 Die

I remember when these two sites were poppin’ back in the day.
If you weren’t on there,
then you were a nobody.

the bubble has popped.


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Reality Un-Stars Make A Movie

I guess we can give them a slight 15 seconds of fame.

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Meat Of The Minute: J.F.K

Jamari may have a little crush…

And not my typical.


Shocked? I know.
You know I like the muscles and all that.
Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I want my Foxes to know there is more than just that to get me.

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