Reality Un-Stars Make A Movie

I guess we can give them a slight 15 seconds of fame.

Meet Charm and Taylor.
He: Tool Academy
She: Tough Love.

I know, “who?”

I dunno who the snow bunny is personally,
But I remember Charm from his Myspace days as a model.

I use to think he was…. cute.
I thought his body was better.

Anyway, these two contestants on The Wheel of Irrelevance have made a sex tape.

…. Looks like Charm may have a big dick…

I hear the tape has some good back door butt bangin’…
So I GUESS…. I can wait around and check it out.
It better be good too…

Anything from D Listers needs to be EPIC.

It isn’t like it’s a sex tape from side pieces: Devin, Dez, or Bret.

Just keeping my Foxes and Wolves updated with the stupid behavior.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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