Wolf Round Table.

I just….

I just don’t think you’re getting it….

So Saturday,
I attended Fashion Week events.
A Fox like me likes to jet set.
I was invited by a fellow Fox in the business to join him,
and I also invited Star Fox.

I’ll get into a 2 models I want to take a bite out of
(or out of me)
in a few blogs down the road….

I want to talk about
this one Wolf that was catching my eye on the way home.

He was slighty taller than me (6’1)
Bald head
Caramel complected
Judging from how the thermal shirt showed his body…
He was definite WOLF material.
Nice handle bar booty
Dark Levi’s jeans
Prada sneakers

He was fine and he looked like a model.

I saw him walking towards me and he was eyeing me.
I returned the favor.
I did the look away and then look back…


I smiled and did my Fox flirtatious eye game with him.
He ended up following me into the same train car with Star Fox.
We played the same game in there.

…. and then his stop came and he got off the train.
That’s it.


I don’t know if it was because Star Fox was with me…
But all that looking and smiling…
… and nothing happened.

I was TITE.

He dropped some sleeping pills out of his grocery bag I picked up.
When I see him again,
I can definitely use that as my pick up line.

why do you guys do this?
It gets ODEEeeeee annoying.

If I’m looking at you more than 5 times,
it means I’m interested.
If you are doing the same,
it means you are interested.

Unless I decided to go Lady GAGA and wear a rooster on my head.

Did he want me to get up and go to him?
That wasn’t about to happen.
I thought Wolf were hunters?
These days, these Wolves act like they should be Foxes.

…and Foxes don’t fuck other Foxes.
well, unless you are into that kinda thing…

has this only just happened to me???
Give all the interest and then….

Vamos, son of a bitch.

Someone help me out.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “Wolf Round Table.”

  1. Happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. And its absolutely because he wants you to chase and approach him. From there, at least from the few times ive taken the bait, your left taking the initiative on everything afterward.”…and Foxes don’t fuck other Foxes”… Hello! But i do feel you, boys these days, especially the attractive ones, for the most part don’t typically do the hunting. They tend to just wait to be caught… and its just a bunch of people standing around wondering why no else is approaching.

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