Meat Of The Minute: J.F.K

Jamari may have a little crush…

And not my typical.


Shocked? I know.
You know I like the muscles and all that.
Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I want my Foxes to know there is more than just that to get me.

Jay Fresh Kicks AKA J.F.K (Producer/ Artist/ Songwriter)

First time I saw him,
he was with Yung Berg (when Yung Berg was poppin‘)
and I instantly dismissed him as a typical rapper hanger oner.

But he kept poppin’ up and poppin up at different things on his own.
And a Fox was intrigued.
So I did some digging and came up on this dude’s bio and was blown away.

The thing about him that I like is he seems to be swagged out smart.
I have read different things he has written and he is so deep.
You gotta google his stuff.

He does things to me.

Definite Daddy material.
I’m surprised he hasn’t been scooped up by some female yet.
Straight as I know of.

Check out his Myspace and his blog.

Show him some love!

If he is in the eye of the Fox, then he is good peoples!

Jay Fresh Kicks————-> Myspace
Jay Fresh Kicks ————-> Blog

But wait tho…. have you heard his VOICE??????
Jesus be phone sex @ 3 in the morning.


If he is shorter than me,
I’d probably hit a high note…. and not in the good way.

Okay, I need to go do bad things to myself now.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

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