I’d Let Kevin Cossom Get Some Sexy Time

i have always thought kevin cossom was fine as hell.

he may not be “baller wolf” kinda fine,
but in person he looks really good.
i have worked around him briefly and i could not stop looking.
he is tall,
really cool,
and has a nice body.
his lips and arms tho…

so when i saw that kevin had a new video out,
i had to jump on it

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How To Spot A Non Factor So You Can Run In The Other Direction

i got a large outpouring of questions from the last entry.

“how can you tell someone is lying about their career?”

that was the main question in every email.
now i’m not saying i’m an expert,
but being in this game,
i now have the gift of seeing when a nigga is bullshittin’.
so below i put together some tips.

this is not meant to insult anyone.
it is meant to bring awareness to BULLSHIT….

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I Made It Pretty Far Fucking and Swallowing The Right People

i went out last night…


ima get right into it.
is every black man in NY a:

personal trainer.


i don’t think i have met a doctor, lawyer, or engineer in the last couple years.
i don’t even think i have met someone who wants to be behind the scenes either.
ialways meet wannabe stars and hood stars.
many of them who happen to be gay and trying to front.
or, many of them willing to be gay so they can be in front.
now granted i do work in the industry,
but it kills me the abundance of blown up heads because you have a EP.
the fact you dressed your friend automatically made you a stylist.
the fact you always winning in Rucker Park makes you a baller wolf.
or, the fact you take good pictures makes you a model.
some have talent.
some don’t.
who will make it?

i started to wonder…

Why is everyone trying to be a “star“?

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Meat Of The Minute: J.F.K

Jamari may have a little crush…

And not my typical.


Shocked? I know.
You know I like the muscles and all that.
Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I want my Foxes to know there is more than just that to get me.

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