How To Spot A Non Factor So You Can Run In The Other Direction

i got a large outpouring of questions from the last entry.

“how can you tell someone is lying about their career?”

that was the main question in every email.
now i’m not saying i’m an expert,
but being in this game,
i now have the gift of seeing when a nigga is bullshittin’.
so below i put together some tips.

this is not meant to insult anyone.
it is meant to bring awareness to BULLSHIT….


everyone releases an ep.
everyone has a show at some venue, so first things first.
find out if the person is signed.
way too many independent artists.
nowadays, that means a bullshitter type HEAVY.
having a video was on worldstarhiphop does not make a “star”.
you pay a fee to be featured on wshh.
google their name and find a trail.
if you put their name into google and nothing shows up: A NOBODY.
don’t listen to “i’m signed and working with….“.
in the studio” pics means nothing.
remaking other people’s songs,
then promoting it as their own,
is the ultimate non factor move.
a good producer lives in the studio and has a fee.
song writers trying to be stars is a no go.
a real song writer/producer stays in the background and collects those checks.
a real songwriter/producer also has a resume.
ask to see his placements.


google their name for their work.
you can tell a bullshit stylist by the way they carry themselves in public.
if they are wearing EVERYTHING in their closet,
or doing way too much to get attention,
they are a NOBODY.
a stylist is NOT a walking billboard.
if they dressed a ton of no names for the last 3-5 years,
again: nobody.
if they haven’t worked in a legit company or fashion agency,
serious nobody.
haven’t styled on an OFFICIAL music video, movie, or a shoot,
a real nobody.
don’t confuse a designer with someone who likes to dress and can add some accessories to an outfit.

a true stylist will always have constant work and will have consistent clients.
they will also have pictures of their work on a website or a blog.
a true designer knows how to use a sewing machine.


a legit 9 to 5 at a gym is a good way to start being a trainer.
they need to build a clientele before branching out on their own.
if they have no clients and a bunch of pictures showing off their own body,
please know this is NOT a trainer.
do not get fooled by a video on youtube of THEM working out.
you also need to see videos of them working with others.
a personal trainer on his own should have a website.
they should also have pictures of satisfied clients.
also, personal trainers do not discriminate.
if he only has pictures of vixens as his clients,
more than not,
he is fucking them/trying too.


everyone wants to be the next lebron or even mj.
just because he is good on the court/field with his boys,
does not mean he will be in the big leagues.
professional sports is way different than shooting hoops in your backyard.
you can be great and sit on the bench.
it is extremely hard to get into sports also.
it also takes a lot of hard work and dedication.
a true pre baller wolf is in school and on a team.
that is mainly how it starts.


google for a resume.
anyone will tell you they are signed to an agency.
a true model has a height/weight requirement.
walking in a hood fashion show does not make anyone a model.
just because they take great pictures does not make them a model either.
models tend not to be beautiful.
they always have something about them that makes them stand out in the face.
also, modeling is about the clothes.
you are basically a walking coat rack so they tend to be slim/thin.
vixens who show how fat their asses on instagram are not models.
they are escorts working for free.
males using instagram or twitter are doing it for the same purpose.
a few likes and followers does not make ANYONE a model.
if the person is not signed to an agency AND getting work,
they never worked at any fashion week events,
or they never went overseas to paris and milan to work,
they are a good looking NOBODY.


do not listen to sad stories.
if you are not making money, it is a hobby.
anyone always on the scene,
trying to be seen,
should always be the first sign.
always pay attention to their work ethic and laziness.
you are either on the scene or trying to build a career, one or the other.
really focused people cut off sex, relationships, and fun until they made a name for themselves.
pay attention to negative rumors.
some rumors always have a little truth.

now there are people who have nothing on google yet,
but they are working hard on their craft.
everyone has a start.
you can tell by the hustle.
they are not out here “talking“.
they are “doing“.
chasing a career is not the same as working a 9 to 5.
you will be broke.
you will be alone.
literally blood, sweat, and tears.
know the difference.

anyone can be GOOD at what they do,
they can have many ideas about how they want to change the world,
but that does not mean they will put in the work to get there.
it also doesn’t mean you are meant to be a star, or work in that field.

…. so, what is the plan b?

9 thoughts on “How To Spot A Non Factor So You Can Run In The Other Direction

  1. I agree with everything you said, especially about personal trainers.

    This one dude was promoting his sessions for $25 all over my instagram. This one dude finally comments on one of his promotions and he blasts him on twitter saying he looks “suspect” and he doesn’t know if should train him. He then goes on to say he would “drop a 45lbs weight on dude if he tried something with him”. He says all this on twitter for the world to see. A personal trainer is PERSONAL for a reason.

    Really?! Even if dude was gay all money is green right? Doesn’t it all fold the same?

    These trainers would make a killing if they targeted gay dudes.

    This girl I know got her license to be an image consultant and she has the worse reputation ever. How the hell are you going to manage someone else’s image and yours is trash?

    I don’t even humor these people anymore. If you don’t take your own profession seriously how can I?

      1. He actually called dude out on twitter! Then later he says “he’s going to go ahead and get that paper”.

        He wouldn’t get one red cent from me and dude’s a bitch if he still lets him train him.

        If a trainer doesn’t have at least two male clients he isn’t legit. Just another dude trying to get some play from women.

        Like I said if these trainers were smart they would use gay men’s vanity to make a killing, just like these whores use gay men’s loneliness to make a small fortune.

  2. lol. #1 it’s “Milan” not Mulan
    #2. LOL @ all the non-factor careers and EVERRRRYBODY being a model, i swear i was on the other day and saw a kid from my school, the boy is 5′ 6(or shorter) DAMNIt!! I couldn’t stop laughing, nothing good about his face either, model wise or just good looking.
    #3. Some TRUE/REAL LIFE models do actually start as independent models and get “discovered” later down the road

  3. True. In my opinion people lie about their occupation because they are living in a fantasy world. They think one day, they will be a model, baller, or rapper especially if they have a little bit of talent, but get this, a monkey can have talent. They also keep forgetting that they have to compete with some many people.

  4. thank you jamari tired try to tell ppl those same things, i know a whole lot of male “model” please.

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