How To Spot A Non Factor So You Can Run In The Other Direction

i got a large outpouring of questions from the last entry.

“how can you tell someone is lying about their career?”

that was the main question in every email.
now i’m not saying i’m an expert,
but being in this game,
i now have the gift of seeing when a nigga is bullshittin’.
so below i put together some tips.

this is not meant to insult anyone.
it is meant to bring awareness to BULLSHIT….

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Just Look Good, Fuck Me Great, and Pick Up My Dry Cleaning.


I do not know about anyone else,
but I am HIGHLY attracted to a Wolf who is aggressive.
You see the pictures I put up in MEAT.
All Wolves who give the impression that they will actively pursue me (and fuck my brains out).
As a Fox, we are more than likely drawn to aggression.
Which is kind of why we like MEN in the first place.
It can be a turn on and something different than the norm.

A Wolf who chases us!
One we are attracted to also!

But what if you are in the radar of a Wolf whose only aggressive when he wants some ass?
He has no job and no kind of¬†independence… but when he wants some sex, he is on the hunt?
What happens when he is absolutely perfect… except when it comes to making money and being a “man”?
And how bad is it when YOU as a Fox, Hybrid, or even Vixen has bigger BALLS than the Wolf you are fucking?

How do we spot the “Fools Gold” Wolf?

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You a Non-MUTHAFUCKIN-Factor

This was a tough week for me.

Lord KNOWS I was going through the washing machine called “The Struggle“.
But, even though I went through all the bullshit,
I still remained calm, cool, and Fox-like and just gave it all to the man above.
Therefore, making me see my blessings rather than my struggles.

Does this mean I am on my way to being in a better place?

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