Just Look Good, Fuck Me Great, and Pick Up My Dry Cleaning.


I do not know about anyone else,
but I am HIGHLY attracted to a Wolf who is aggressive.
You see the pictures I put up in MEAT.
All Wolves who give the impression that they will actively pursue me (and fuck my brains out).
As a Fox, we are more than likely drawn to aggression.
Which is kind of why we like MEN in the first place.
It can be a turn on and something different than the norm.

A Wolf who chases us!
One we are attracted to also!

But what if you are in the radar of a Wolf whose only aggressive when he wants some ass?
He has no job and no kind of independence… but when he wants some sex, he is on the hunt?
What happens when he is absolutely perfect… except when it comes to making money and being a “man”?
And how bad is it when YOU as a Fox, Hybrid, or even Vixen has bigger BALLS than the Wolf you are fucking?

How do we spot the “Fools Gold” Wolf?

If you look on any Twitter or Facebook,
you will see Wolves playing the “I Got It Like That” role.
They are taking pictures of their shoes, their money, cars, or even their bodies.
In our minds, we are thinking,I NEED THAT.
In his mind, he is also thinking, “I NEED THAT.
Realistically, we want THEM like that because no one is attractive unless they LOOK like they are doing something.
How many homeless bums do you know actively getting Foxhole on the regular?
How many wack dudes you see really getting a lot of pussy?
I’ll wait.

I know a Wolf who goes on social media and pretends to be ballin’.
I am told when it comes to fucking, he is one Wolf you to fuck you DOWN.
He is an all out freak.
He has nice clothes and is at every event you can think of.
The only issue with him is he spends all his waking moment chasing Vixen tail,
rather than chasing the career that he has left with a “?” mark.
His mother pays for pretty much his whole lifestyle.
He is a spoiled brat who still lives at home and looking for a woman to take care of him.
He is looking to fully break up with the only woman in his life: his mother.
No one asks him about it as long as he keeps up the image (and slangs the dick).
He is fine as hell with a banging body, so Vixens will do just about anything.

Secretly, in this lifestyle, a lot of Wolves are like this.
They are playing dress up for the cameras and once the show is over, they have us all in the dark.
That is when he lets one person in, fucks them over, and they tell the world the real story.
Even with the “straights”, there are a ton of wannabe:
and Baller Wolves…
who are going no where.
Why are these selected few Wolves only aggressive in one area of their lives?
The area of social media and frontin’ in the clubs.
I mean really, what can this muthafucka do for me that I can’t do for myself?

As I looked through the endless array of “non factor” Wolves,
I started to see a common theme: FAME.
Everyone wants to be the star.
They seem to only chase the admiration of it all,
but realistically they are going no where.
The only thing they are good at is slanging some dick,
How do we spot these Wolves?
Are they easier if we look part the facade?
And, do we just ignore the many signs of “non factor-ism”?
Sometimes when you have it like that and they don’t,
they make excellent arm candy.
Just look at Shaunie and Marlon:

A successful Vixen with a potential nobody with awesome pipe on her arms.
That could be you one day, Foxes.
But is this just a change of the times?
Are Foxes and Vixens the real stars of this social media show?
Are we the ones who are keeping it low key and striving for a better life?
So if this is the case…

What are these Wolves really good for anyway?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Just Look Good, Fuck Me Great, and Pick Up My Dry Cleaning.”

  1. Folks love illusion and persona, feed it to them and they’re good. They’re serpentine dogs, they know you are lying deep down, however as long as you feed the fantasy they’re okay with your lies and will help you boost it up as long as it can stand.

  2. You have people who just do not want to work for anything in life. Sadly, a lot of those who do, fall prey to the predators who seek out those that they can “come up’ off of, if you will. I agree with Random about being matching my drive. If you seem to have more drive than me, the better. That will just inspire me to think bigger and do more. I’ve been through too much to simply settle for someone who wants to smooch off of me. I am better than, and have no time for it.

  3. Random :
    So needless to say, a wolf that can’t at least MATCH my level of drive is going to turn me the fuck off.
    If you can’t power drive a career then you damn sure can’t power drive my booty.


  4. To be honest, I know a lot of wolves like this.
    They’ll drive a nice car, dress well, and look good every time you see them out.
    They pretend to be really confident and seemingly aggressive, so foxes are attracted.
    But the real is that they don’t have anything going for themselves.

    There are few things that turn me off more than a wolf that doesn’t know how to be a man. I’m a hybrid. I take care of business. I support myself.
    The only time you’ll see any real vulnerability from me is in a relationship.
    I’m known for always working and getting things done and if people didn’t know any better, they would assume I’m a certified wolf.

    So needless to say, a wolf that can’t at least MATCH my level of drive is going to turn me the fuck off.
    If you can’t power drive a career then you damn sure can’t power drive my booty.

  5. I know plenty of dudes like this Jamari. Most recently my co worker brok up ( got dumped) with his gf and now he doesn’t have a way to work. He was driving her car, eating her food, and breathing her air conditioning for free all cause he knew how to put in some work in a pussy. I guess it’s the same way with them thirsty vixens who chase down baller wolves. They wana life the flasy life but don’t wana pay for it.

      1. I know we see sexy wolves and think OMG I must have him we never think he may out to use us

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