2 (them) + 1 (me)

My friend called me so I could listen in
on this dude he just met off a4a earlier tonight…

I know.
“How old are we?”

But I was bored and up for some child-like fuckery + he brings the heat with the dudes.


And he LOOKS good.

(got a text with some photographic evidence)

But, um, I’m confused.
I know my Up North accents.
He sounds like he is from Cali.


In any event,
This convo is pretty cool.
Made me take some notes to brush up on my phone convo skills.
And it ain’t even about sex….. yet.

I’m feeling what he is saying right now about this lifestyle being so hard….
The hormones of gay men being horrible.
Longest relationship being 8 months.
Why is he even on the gay side anyway.
He started messing with dudes when he was 16 (19 now) because he was bored.

Females pretty much bored him when he was dating them.
First thing he looks for in a dude is a nice smile.
He likes making his dude smile so he will make sure he keeps you smiling (I was “aww’in” @ that)
Met dudes off Black planet (didn’t we all?)
About him being single.
He is talking about his ex boyfriend using him for his car.

He sounds like a nice dude.
I won’t lie.


I like the whole talking on the phone joint the most.
I like the few phone calls before the real bullshit starts.

I’m still trying to get a screen name to get back on the online dating scene.
I been so daggone busy.
But a Fox gotta eat.
$ before hoes.

I’ll get one soon tho….

BTW – I gotta update with some key info for my bottoms from a TOP.

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