X Marks The F0x: Baller #2 With Pants Down

When will these ballers learn?!

…. or is a good “leaked” peen picture the new black?

Poor poor George Hill.
Caught sending a groupie bitch his peen ….
….and then that same groupie bitch sent it to TheDirty.com
…. and they aren’t trying to take it down, even though lawyers are involved.

George is CUTE tho.
He should keep the pictures up!
Good exposure…..


He is a F A S T cummer, judging from the sex text.

And how old was that bitch he was talking too?
Sidekick tho?

I don’t think that was the best thing to say in heat.
Even though my shit would have probably made him shoot on contact
(not to brag or nothin)…

“I’m a fast cummer… lol i dont think …. u’re  as good as you say…” –  Him text.
“Call 555-555-5555 and have him tell you.” – Jamari

“Lay me on my back, bustin nuts all in me…”

I agree!

Anyway, go here and enjoy ——–> CLICK HERE


…. Nice.
Real nice.

TO ALL MY BALLERS: You wouldn’t have to worry about me OUTTIN u.

Later Foxes

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