Sex Swing


I take you by your hand and I lead you into my bedroom…. by your belt.
I’m feeling dominant today.
I’m tired of being your bitch.
You have been a bad bad boy… and I’m tired of the way you have been treating me.


I motion with my hand to my sex swing.
You sit down and give me a look like, “who are you talking too?”


I strap your hands in and slap you in your face.
You look at me like, “what the fuck?”


I straddle you as I trace my tongue around your lips.
I make a trail over to your ear lobe and I suck and bite on it viciously.
I could see in your eyes you want to fuck me.
I will let you soon…


You don’t answer.
I grab you by your cheeks, smush your face, and get off you.
I undo your belt and unbutton your pants.
I pull your zipper down and…


I love your dick.
Technically, it’s my dick.
I own that dick.
I grab your big hard dick and I trace my tongue around the head.
I could feel your legs tighten.
I start to jerk you off slowly as I look into your eyes.
I slap your dick on the side of my cheek.
I ask again…


Still no answer.
I pull your pants and boxers off.
You are a hard one… literally.
I’ll make you say it.
I get on my knees and shove your dick in my mouth.


I start to bob my head up and down slowly.
I pull it out and spit the excess saliva all over it.
It is nice and messy (just how you like it)
I pull gently on your balls and I work my tongue all over the meat.


I pull myself up on your knees and I look into your eyes.
I spit right in your mouth.
You spit it out.
I slap you in your face again.
You look at me with aggression.
Didn’t know hear you were a bad boy?


You are horny.
You should be.
I get off you and I slowly start to take my clothes off.
I strip all the way down to my boxer briefs.


I pull a condom out of the front of my underwear.
I open it with my teeth.
I gently put it over your dick.
I squeeze your balls when I’m finished.
I whisper in your ear…


You reply you are going to fuck the shit out of me.
I laugh.
You been slackin on the pipe laying for a while now.
I need a man who is going to beat the breaks off my shit.
The type of good fucking that only happens on birthdays and holidays.
I want to be fucked….real good.

“IT’S ON.”

I un-strap you…

To be continued.

Jamari Fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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