f0xmail: He Liked Me… and Now He Got Me Lookin Crazy Out Here! Help!



Hey Jamari,

Love the site man! Been coming here more often for the past year or so and I can tell you that the more that I come here the more addicted I get to the site. lol!

But to the point in why I am writing you this email, I wanted to know if you have ever done an article about “being led-on” by someone who showed interest in you first and you resisted knowing that it would lead to a road of nothing. But then the tables turn and you end up the one chasing back and they switch and claim that you are “crazy” “obsessed” “clingy” or even “thirsty” smh.

I can admit it got to the point into where I would literally check all of his social media sites (FB, Twitter, IG)  to make sure that when he said he was “busy” that he wasnt lying to me when he wouldn’t answer my text or to see that he wasn’t with someone else.

He used to come to me with all of his problems about things that happened at work and how I made him feel like he could just be himself with me and that made me feel so special knowing that I made him feel that way. We would talk damn near everyday for hours and hours, getting to know each other and shared some very personal things about our lives and had nicknames for each other and claimed that if we lived closer that we would be together.

As embarrassing as it sounds, I literally did end up going crazy over this guy because he swept me off my feet with the “pillow talk” and sweet things and words he would do and say for me and made me feel like no other. He made me feel like I was the only “guy” in the world but come to find out, he makes all of his “bait” feel that way.

I just feel so dumb and stupid to the fact that I let myself fall into the trap of what I thought to be love only to find out that he was really running game on me. smh.

I  have had guys trying to talk to me and some even claim that they like me or have crushes on me but for some reason being “chased and rejected” by this guy has me all fucked up and I really don’t feel like getting to know anyone at all. *sighs*



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My Wolf is Buried Underneath Large Piles of Bullshit…. and It Stinks!

I like to have faith “he” is out there.

Yet, I do not know who “he” is.
I have an idea what “he” should look like, but will “he” live up to that expectation?
I just have this feeling that like anything else in my life,
something “BIG” is going to cum and sweep me off my feet.
“He” is out there and he is looking for me, dammit!
“He” maybe going through countless bs, but we will run into each other soon.
Let me tidy up because “he” should be making his appearance soon… right?
Or, have I ran into him and didn’t recognize the signs he was throwing out?

What if he was shy and I had to make the first move?
What if I looked past him because his style did not meet my requirements?
What if I laughed at him in my head because he was a man with a muffin top?
I had to wonder…

Who is “he“?

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“You Have The Perfect Ass That I May Just Cuff That.”

No one is perfect.

Do not let these folks on Twitter or Facebook fool you.
Ever so often, some people apply a special make up to enhance their looks called F`otuShop.
They even go as far as to have Picture Plastic Surgery,
to which never understood because you DO have to meet that person.

But you may be looking for this perfect person and he may have that perfect image but:

He may have nice eyes but never fully see you for who you are.
He may be have good looks and brains, but no morals.
He may have the perfect words but would never listen to you.

Some are more bold with their shit,
while others wait until you get hooked and then they spring some bullshit on you.
But in this life, is there such a thing as meeting the perfect person?
If he ain’t online and we have to encounter the perfect “straight” counterparts before we find him:

Um, so where the hell is he?

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He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

What do these Wolves have in common?
Well, besides being FINE AS SHIT.

They all have a “Body That Need To Be Fucked”.
and as a Fox or Vixen, you can do it!

Check out how…

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