…yet, My Foxy Ass Is Single?

So uh,
nice denim jacket Kerry.

Let’s get to the real questions…

Who is Peanut next to him?
Event planner?
Dancer at the Coco Cabana?
Bite sized love slave?

Ok. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

But Jamari Fox wants to know:


…wait that was the thought in my head…
The real question is:


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34 thoughts on “…yet, My Foxy Ass Is Single?”

  1. All I can say is stylist, assistant, or not…. Something in the milk ain’t clean! Im suckin my teeth all kinds of ways right now!

    1. Judies typically have common characteristics (i.e. the way they dress). They look like they’d be friends or hangout, not like complete polar opposites like these two.

      He’s probably at the “fuck it” stage where he doesn’t care what people say or suspect as long as they don’t say it to his face. I know some guys like that.

  2. I been knew Kerry got down when I seen him on MTV cribs a few years back. This one fine dude was hangin’ around his pool room, and he introduced him as his “friend”. Lol

  3. Why does this dude look like a young Jermaine Jackson is the real question, and the next question is why is Kerry body language in both pics screaming suspect and I really dont want to be seen. Im not surprised its always dudes who look like this who get the Hot Wolf, and here all this time, I thought him and Braylon was getting it in. I just wanted them to get it in so one day I could see the sex tape(LOL) If I see Victor or Devin with a fox that resembles this, I am gonna put on a wig and start doing drag because its no more hope.

  4. He may as well come out the closet.

    Ol dude must have some Lotus Flower Bomb ass for him to be parading him around like that. I mean he stands out like crazy. Lol

    He has no pictures with women but several with him. LMAO!

  5. You know what, I aint gonna throw shade at him, if that’s his dude, good for him. Kerry seems cool tho, and he’s one bad dude too. I would DEMOLISH his ass.

    1. I think he’s a hybrid, so you (or me) could still demolish his, The Man. lol

      And he took that dude on vacation w/him AND posted the pics. Kerry gives not .00000085 fugg apparently…*shrug*

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