The Tale of a Fox Who Messed With A Pre-Baller Wolf

I need a boo.

One who will take care of me when I am sick.
One who will rescue me when I am at my lowest.
I hate being alone.
I have friends, but I need a MAN.
Nothing feels better than a Wolf taking care of you.


In my state of almighty sickness yesterday,
a Fox sent me an email that 1) inspired me…
…and 2) made me throw up.

Not because of what he said.
But it got me so excited, that my poor stomach went into overdrive.
A Fox who has dealt with a Baller Wolf before he was a Baller Wolf.

My kind of email!
Anyway, lets get into it…

The Fox was going to a college,
where he met his Pre-Baller Wolf.
He won’t reveal the Pre-Baller Wolf for obvious reasons.
He was a tutor and the Wolf needed help with Math.
You know how it goes.
Pre-Baller Wolves tend to be REALLY…. un-educated.
I guess this explains all these mistakes and illegetimate children.

Right mistah?

So it went from late night studying,
to dinner at his crib,
and then occasional hanging out.
It ended up with sleeping over and then…
First it was Fox on couch
… and then it ultimately Fox on bed.
And then it was Pre-Baller Wolf on him…

This is where the Pre-Baller Wolf was banging his spine out on a regular.
He said sex with an athlete can be off the chain.
Stamina, good looks, and mixed with a nice body = FUCKED EXTREMELY STUPID.

For 3 years,
he did everything his Pre-Baller Wolf wanted.

being his late night whore,
and whatever else he wanted.

It all came from Baller Bliss to Baller Diss…
as soon as he got into the league.
When you have to deal with nosy parents,
agents who have him everywhere,
and STARVED Foxes posing as PR or event planners who claim YOU will ruin his image.

I’ll get on THEM later.)

So I had to ask him what did he learn after all of this.
This is what he replied:

1. Determine what is sex and what is love: Messing with an athlete can be toxic even if it is for that moment of pleasure
2. Don’t lose yourself: Take care of your priorities first and don’t over buy him or  over impress him because there are many foxes and wolves that can do the same.
3. Realize that your time may be short…Move around because he will have his share of foxes, wolves, and hybrids when you are not looking.
I love a good lesson.
Now, everyone remember:


You may NOT have the same experience.
But,I believe everyone has a story you can learn from.
Sometimes you need to hear the “bad” so you won’t make the same mistakes.
Other times, you need to actually experience it for yourself to learn the lesson…
…or reap the rewards.
I am grateful for my Fox for sharing his story.
I can handle a Baller Wolf, but then again, I love a challenge.
But, it all made me wonder:

Does it take a special kind of “FOX” to handle a Baller Wolf?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Tale of a Fox Who Messed With A Pre-Baller Wolf”

  1. I hate hearing stories like this, but it’s a cautionary tale. What you put up with will set the tone for any relationship (if you want to call it that). Sounds like he was giving too much and being too damn submissive. There are people who prey on those kind and even nice people will unknowingly take advantage of your tendency to be the caregiver.

    Then we all know homo relationships are accelerated. He was probably washing dude’s underwear within a few weeks.

    Good dick will do that to you though. Lmao

  2. Not every athlete is the same, I think it’s wrong to generalize and put them into the same category, just because there’s provided evidence of other athletes performing acts of infidelity toward’s their significant other. And yes athlete’s do tend to have a more complex situation, but that’s really anyone who is in the media and is portrayed as being macho. And anyone is capable of being in a relationship with an athlete you just have to be aware of what you dealing with, and be able to make sacrifices, and really understand his situation as if its yours, which technically it is especially if your a closet case too,

    And also you never hear success stories about Closeted athletes and their significant other probably because the most successful one’s would more than likely be discreet. And also take into accountability that some people just aren’t compatible with each other, and a lot of people motives for hooking up with athletes or vice versa is unhonest to begin with. I mean you want a long term commitment, but all the qualities that made you attracted to each other in the first place did not add up. Get rid of that pedalstal once again!! SWAG + LOOKS+ STATUS+ MONEY= FALSE ATTRACTION and FIGMENT OF THE IMAGINATION which ultimately equals disaster and heart break.

    I know that all athlete’s aren’t the same from first hand experience 😉 but I won’t dwell in that side note: and stop with the cooking, cleaning, and being his little bitch you have to remember he’s a man and attracted to another man NOT MARTHA STEWART, you have to balance each other out. I mean me personally I would get bored with someone cooking, cleaning, and being my whore everyday, because ultimately a woman could do that for me, change it up and tell me clean up your shit and be your muscle whore, that would knock me off my high horse and make you very appealing towards me.

  3. Foxes… when are you guys going to realize that it just sex for most of these guys and nothing more than that… You got a tight hole that feels good around his ish and thats all it is… I learned this in college and have come to the conclusion that Wolves are just good for a good f**K/nut… nothing more…nothing less… and possible friendship later in life especially when baller wolf gets your number from a mutual friend and starts asking questions about who else was tapping this back in the day and I told him I can’t tell him that cause I never told anyone about him…. lol… so now he calls every now and then to find out who was touching what he claims was his…..

  4. When it comes to ballers, I think in general, it takes anyone who is willing to be naive and pretend as if shit does not go on behind their back. They must have thick skin and be willing to stand there in front of a obvious cheat and say, I don’t care…that’s my baller! Anyone who is willing not to give two shits and put their pride to the side and stand behind this baller, will make it in the game. They have to bend over backwards and even touch their asshole with their elbow from the back, to even try to keep the baller impressed (in the event when they may claim to be attracted to the regular, in order to show they can go to infinity and beyond!

  5. To be honest, I don’t think that a fox could handle a baller wolf, it’s just not going to happen. You have to have a patience and you have to worry about vixens pushing up on your man in the clubs and etc. Look what these vixens go though trying to keep their baller wolves under control, Vanessa Bryant and LaLa Anthony are perfect examples. Shit, Vanessa just sat back and waited until the time was right to fry Kobe’s ass. She got tired trying to keep him under control, she was by his side through it all, and he just treated her like dirt. I know LaLa stresses about what Melo is doing when they’re not together, esspecially after he was rumored to have a secret child a while back. If they can control their man, what makes you think another man can.

    S/N: You know Jamari, you always talk about baller wolves, but do you ever wonder about baller foxes, they exist too. Just plain ol ballers just huntin for a piece of wood.

    1. ^but why does it seem that your statement means we have to compete with Vixens?

      and thank you for reminding me about the Baller Foxes.
      I’ll do an entry just for you and your wolfie buddies.

      1. Because you do, even if you are with a man who’s gay. He will sleep with vixen just to keep true sexuality hidden from the public. If a vixen pushed herself on the same baller wolf time and time again and he keeps turning her down that would raise questions and guess what happens next?…., you’ve guessed it, the vixen will expose him to MTO. We all have read those groupie tales that they post on there. Every baller will have to deal with these kind of women. When they walk out the house being thirsty by wearing booty shorts at the end of January when it’s 40 degrees outside, it makes it hard to land a baller wolf, let alone keep him if you do get him.

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^I always found that extremely funny.
    They will fuck you, suck you, and pluck your booty up…
    but then you get on status messages and Twitter and they are suddenly “homophobic”…
    Look every homophobe tweet, you buy me a car.
    Shut his ass up.

    Lol that’s only if he considers you worth it.
    That’s where the hard part comes in.

    1. ^then you have to make him.

      then again,
      the whores of the industry get the cribs, cars, and cacks.
      shit that little fat queen souljah boi was banging got a louis bag he couldn’t shut up about.

  7. I think so.
    At the end of the day, you’re never going to lock one down. He’s never going to give you the kind of relationship you want because he’s never going to be willing to fully claim you.
    When you offer up too much to any man, he’ll take advantage. Baller wolves are no different. They have a million other foxes and vixens giving them the same thing and at the end of the day, regardless if he cares for you or not, you’ll never be the fox on his arm at major events. When he gives interviews, he’ll say he’s single and looking and if it’s ever suspected that he MIGHT be too close to you, he’ll distance himself from you without a problem. Remember, baller wolves are baller wolves for a reason. Most of them don’t play because they just love the sport. They play because they also love the fame, the money, and the lifestyle that comes with it.
    That would start to bother anyone. No matter how confident and comfortable of a person you are.

    1. Not to mention, most baller wolves, no matter how much they get down, are deathly homophobic (at least on the surface).
      I can’t tell you how many college athletes I know who get down, but will rant all day long about “fucking bitches” and “these fucking faggots”. It’s disgusting.

      1. ^I always found that extremely funny.
        They will fuck you, suck you, and pluck your booty up…

        but then you get on status messages and Twitter and they are suddenly “homophobic”…

        Look every homophobe tweet, you buy me a car.
        Shut his ass up.

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