MEAT (85: The Do-Over)

See Foxes…
when one Wolf fucks up,
another one will ALWAYS take his place.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT (85: The Do-Over)”

  1. That gif is hella funny. LOL. He looks like he could throw down in the bed, but I’m more interested to find out if he can throw his ass back. (licks lips)

    S/N: it looks like he’s a lil hard in that pic too, I kinda see a bulge.

  2. He does look mad good, but I dont think he is hard, just got a nice size on him. I’m ready to get his name and discuss goals and stuff.

  3. He and I,…. Our future looks so bright together! I can cook, clean, and I got my own money…I just need myself a playful piece of this nature to complete the picture!

  4. Damn, didnt see the other dude but this dude is everything, the epitome of perfection, he makes me not wanna drink nothing but water and not eat anything so I can get these abs. Just freaking beautiful specimen of a man.

  5. Great body, nice hands, but get a load of those lips guys!!!!! I’d love to see those wrapped around my bone!

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