When We Role Play… (6)

This is for EVERYONE….

So you meet a dude and he says he is a personal trainer.
And let me tell ya…

… he looks it.
He only does celebrities and that is the reason he is always gone for days.
But, he has A LOT of money and treats you real good.
6 months into dating him,
you were talking to me one day and you decide to show me what he looked like.

I politely let you know…

Your man is a popular escort in my city.
I know this because he has his ad on an online chat site in another city.
I also know this because he DOESN’T do celebrities,
but he mostly escorts for old queens and desperate fat Jackals.
He is currently a client of someone I work for.

He is ALWAYS the Wolf when he escorts.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (6)”

  1. See, we’re gonna have to talk business. You’ve been holding out on me?! Uh-uh, Imma get my cut & pimp yo azz out, since that’s what you wanna do…

    The relationship? That’s likely over, but now I got me a nice source of income for limited legwork

    Oh, and I’m busting him in the face for exposing me to potential random STIs & nastiness

  2. OMG you are back from your sick bed with a vengeance LOL. Man most people dont know that its a fine line between personal trainers, strippers, actors etc. They are all basically whores, they need sources of income because they cant work real 9-5 jobs and look that good, so they often resort to doing something strange for a peice of change. One personal trainer at my old gym is a big time porn star now. Another one who was drop dead gorgeous by the way; was getting it in with a rich old white nasty queen who went to the gym, I have seen it so many times that I would never put much stock in a so called trainer to be anything other than a one night stand.

    1. ^I never let my guys down.

      I would love to get some serious sex from one of the titles you listed,
      but I feel you will be coming out of secret pocket for some dick.
      I’m too damn sexy to pay for penis.

  3. Do you count this as cheating??? Well anyway I would first bust him in his face. Not for the trickin or possible stds I could have ( but I always strap up). But for not being honest with me. I may have said hell no at first I might have said coo but we won’t know cause you took that away from me

  4. He should’ve been honest – at least bit by bit.
    He gets plus points for letting his ass be all mine, but…
    It would be over
    I’d probably want to be just friends, as he must’ve had some inner qualities for
    a) me not to bother to dig this up about him
    b) treating people RELATIVELY nice – there are the LIES – when he could’ve spent the time, looks and money on someone more dimwitted and open for hooker boyfriends
    (there was going to be a C, but it turned just out to be a point for NOT wanting to have anything to do with him)
    No matter what, I would have to sit down and TALK with him – what went so horribly wrong in his life that he had to resort to escorting 😛

  5. I’ll drop his arse like a hot potato, but before I do that I’ll set him up, I would call organize for him to meet this dude who turns out to be me! When his mouth drops, I shake my head and out the door, when he swings by the house his things are in the pourch waiting for him to collect!

  6. I would actually milk it for all its worth…the gifts that is! Then when he becomes suspicious why I’m asking for all these gifts. I’d drop the bomb on you can afford it. remember you smash hoes on the side!

  7. Good question, what happens next? But a better qustion, could I be involved with a hooker? Our relationship would change that’s for sure, and I certainly wouldn’t want to know any details, but I don’t think it would be an instant deal breaker.

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