Your Ninth Thought (9)

I already know what I think of this….

BUT he isn’t the celebrity star of this game this go round…
Meet our two latest contestants….



Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Your Ninth Thought (9)”

  1. i have no issues with it…i long as he’s not receiving it behind my back. Stuff like that, you have to forewarn me about so that I may make the choice on whether or not I want to stay with you..but uh…me receiving..sure!!

  2. My first thought is when did Chris brown get a full goatee!?!? My second thought is Justin obvious, Ashton is copying or vise versa

  3. Umpteenth thought: apparently avatars are a bit more interesting than that
    My first was something along the lines of “is this something for SNL?”

  4. First thought: Chris(tina)’s face looks fat.

    Then i scrolled down and thought, “hmm… Justin looks awful, like hes tired or something. What does the sign say?”

    1. lol I thought the exact same thing for Chris…I actually scrolled down and went back up to Chris pic to read his lips….smh

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