When We Role Play… (7)


So you have been dating him for 7 months:

and it has been the PERFECT relationship.

He attends to your every needs.
He buys you whatever you like.
He calls and texts on time.

He is a winner.

So he is digging YOU OUT real nice one night…
Pipin’ you like he LOVES you…
This is one intense session you both are putting in…

…in the middle of some really slow strokes,
he whispers in your ear:

“Baby, let me take the condom off…”


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (7)”

  1. I ain’t gonna lie I prolly would say ok… I would be disturbed as hell about it the next day, and tell him lets go get tested together. And since he is on team Richie real heavy that shouldn’t be a problem, then I’d pray the results come back negative.. Once they do, we would have the commitment talk… And consider an unwrapped future. Mind you I said commitment, and consider!

  2. Booboo, you goin have to keep that condom on! I need you to make sure we dont get screwed. Lets BOTH get tested and if the results come back, we’ll have a strong convo about takin the rubber off, AFTER you put a ring on it!

    1. I think that it’s funny that these type of posts are for the foxes, but us wolves find the wolves in the post attractive. The dude with the shades is too fine, the goofy look is sexy.

  3. Jamari I know that you hate for us to make poor decisions but I’m co-sign with Richie and say that I’d let him. I mean it isn’t right but its real and I’d rather be honest and say I’d do it. Only thing is I probably would have gone to get tested with him before we started having sex period but this scenario you described didn’t say that so yeah, I know I’m get a firm talking to but I mean 6 months down the line, been consistent, we been good this long, I already have a trust built with you but I still lose on not knowing your sexually past.

  4. 7 months is still a lil to early in my book. Add a year to that and we can see. Cause if he is as in to me as you say them he can wait

  5. 7 months in gay relationships is a year! LOL… but honestly, i probably would let him take it off… then say “u betta pull out”

  6. I would have to pause for a second and tell him no and that I’m not comfty with him on that level..then it would have me wondering how many bitches he fucked raw and if he actually has a STD..I’d be a nervous wreck the rest of the evening

  7. ….and this is the point where most of us get caught up. If there haven’t been any tests taken, the answer would be a resounding NO. Try to think about it the other way around. If he doesn’t mind putting himself at risk not knowing what I may/may not have, that is scary to me.

  8. If we’ve been dating that long then we would’ve been tested together before we had sex once or twice…so I’d probably say yeah if i trust him

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