Mind Over Matter


if i can work on my mind,
i think i can get anything i want.
i know you’re like:


…but it’s true.
my insecurities fuck my head up.
this is why i can’t meditate correctly.
i might just be doing it wrong.
i want everything to get in sync,
but i’m having a hard time.
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The New Episodes of “The Mind Is Right” (Start Date When?)

it all concocts the recipe of “fuck shit” in our lives.
you try to achieve your goals,
but one (if not all of those things) put a full stop to it.
its like a swipe password pattern almost.

you don’t feel happy.
swipe left and it leads to seeing the insecurities in your life.
swipe up and it makes you question everything you do.
when you swipe down,
it makes you want to stay stagnant,
because well,

you don’t feel good enough.

its all the plot to keep you where you are.
bad enough,
social media and these lying ass hoes don’t make it any better.
i couldn’t stop but wonder…

How do you put an end to mental and emotional “fuck shit”?…
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Putting Something New In My Mouth (Its Hard To Swallow Tho)

tumblr_mjtgiiD1qf1ro74x3o3_500since looking for a therapist is like a needle in a haystack,
i wanted to be as honest as i can with whats going in my mind.
today i have a lot going on in my mind.
so lets get into it…
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I Will Win (My Mind Already Said So)

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 12.18.50 PMi had to pass this on from necole bitchie.
i guess ive been doing “the secret/law of attraction” from the time i was young.
i always imagine,
no matter how dark it maybe,
that i was in a much better place.
i have envisioned myself living in beautiful homes,
racks on racks in my closets,
and my shoe game on 100.
i have a good career as a writer like a male carrie b.
being able to travel and give back to those who were good to me.
funny enough,
people always made fun of me because i had an active imagination.
i guess i was supposed to be thinking “downtrodden” with them?
nah homie.

Has Kanye Started To Lose His Mind?

this “kanye” is long gone.

now that he has impregnated that armenian demon,
he has been showing every inch of his ass.
he had three concerts in london.
these are the three outcomes

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