The New Episodes of “The Mind Is Right” (Start Date When?)

it all concocts the recipe of “fuck shit” in our lives.
you try to achieve your goals,
but one (if not all of those things) put a full stop to it.
its like a swipe password pattern almost.

you don’t feel happy.
swipe left and it leads to seeing the insecurities in your life.
swipe up and it makes you question everything you do.
when you swipe down,
it makes you want to stay stagnant,
because well,

you don’t feel good enough.

its all the plot to keep you where you are.
bad enough,
social media and these lying ass hoes don’t make it any better.
i couldn’t stop but wonder…

How do you put an end to mental and emotional “fuck shit”?…

td jakes said something yesterday at church that stuck with me.
he said in something of these words:

“you will never receive your blessings if you continue to live in negativity.
you block your blessings feeling depressed,
and living with fear.
you have to be happy,
secure within yourself,
and faith.”

i mean i get it td,
but the way my mind and emotions are set up

donald-duck-funny-broke-expensive-gif…but he made it seem so simple.
it was like he revealed the secret to life.
like with a snap of your fingers,
and a change of the mind,
then everything wrong in your life would suddenly turn around.
i’ll have the:

work wolf

it kinda made sense tho.
when you are happy,
and you see the positive,
you will be able to see that things will be okay.
i guess thats that “faith” thing i’m getting the hang of.
its like those people who are constantly happy.
you know those types.
you notice they always have the best luck?
everyday for them is joy.
like they don’t allow themselves to be sad.
i often imagine beyonce is like that.

beyonce-basic…even rihanna at times.
i mean i’m sure their level of wealth helps them throw up a middle finger faster.
i admire anyone,
in any tax bracket,
that is like that.

life sho ain’t easy.
no one said it would be.
you will experience challenges.
fuck shit can and will happen.
i’m starting to learn its the way you use your emotions to handle every situation.
how do you not go to the negative so fast?
how do you say “this will work out” and actually mean it?
its not as easy as it sounds especially when start feeling doubt.
they say:

“when life hands you lemons then turn it into lemonade”.

if its that easy then…

…how do we successfully think up the recipe without fuckin’ it up?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The New Episodes of “The Mind Is Right” (Start Date When?)”

  1. I have been trying to think more positive when it comes to my problems, but as you said it’s kinda hard. Idk I just take one day at a time and try my best to be upbeat. Of course the days I’m looking good with no acne, money on me, and off from work I’m the happiest lol.

  2. It’s sooo funny that you posted this today. I have been going through some things and I allowed my negative thoughts ruled my mind.My low self -esteem was getting to me.I have learned though that in order to have a positive life , it starts within you first. I read positive affirmations daily. I pray and I keep my thoughts to myself instead of oversharing.

  3. You can put an end tot he negativity by first acknowledging what is making you feel negative in the first place.

    Knowing who you are and what you want and what’s bugging you is crucial in dealing with this. Then its understanding that feeling negative is essentially a choice of perspective. The person you were watching was not trying to tell you that it’s easy, because it’s not. It CAN be a snap of the fingers, but because of the amount of mental unravelling of negativity you have to do, it most likely won’t be.

    It’s a process, it’s an every day struggle, it’s a concious effort. In short, it’s a habit that you have to commit to, like learning something new. You have to stick to it and commit yourself to feeling good even when you don’t. Learning how to control your sub-concious thought by telling yourself positive messages out loud if you desperately want to see change.

    Then for the icing on the cake, you can do good things for yourself; exercising, eat right, reading, and other healthy habits that make you feel good.

    Once you get used to that lifestyle (because feeling good is like losing weight, dieting is good for the time you’re dieting but for real results, it has to be your lifestyle) it IS easy, because it’s habit, it’s routine, and you won’t allow toxic thought to corrupt your mind.

    Ive overcome a lot by incorporating some of these tips into my lifestyle, there are just some other things that need to happen for me to take it over the edge.

    For now, practice on your thought patterns, it makes a huge difference.

  4. thank u for this Jamari, i swear u are always in my head! I needed this and i know u needed this as well! U help so many ppl and u dont even know it sometimes! Much Luv!

  5. To answer your question, I believe it’s the constant ability to keep trying and taking life’s challenges one day at a time. I’m at the point, that I pray and leave it up to God. I still worry about things, but that’s something I’m still working on.

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