Who Is Diggin’ Out The Cute Fox With The Big Tail?

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.13.24 AMso the foxhole has been buzzing.
apparently the one in atl.
i got an email from an f-bi that a foXXX was leaked.
it was titled:

“his stroke game was weak but that dick felt mad good”

…sounds like a contradiction?
it allegedly stars yellowboi126.

he is a cute little fox.
the tail is on disrespect levels.
i’m not even mad.
how do we know its him in the alleged foxxx?
Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.21.56 AM…kinda got the idea.
i guess this means something now:

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.13.07 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 1.13.12 AMsee when you gonna get ratchet,
lets remember the tatts on our bodies.
well look everyone is a winner in the flick.

the fox is fun sized with fat bunz
the wolf has a pipe to end your tribulations

tumblr_mfpjrxO6Qb1qctkw7o1_500both parties should be expecting ratchet dms and thirsty bedfellows.
…maybe that was the point?


lowkey: allegedly the story goes that this is a story between a fox and his ex.
i feel like…
once the relationship ends,
sex tapes needs to be destroyed.
sit in front the computer and watch all blackmail material be destroyed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

48 thoughts on “Who Is Diggin’ Out The Cute Fox With The Big Tail?”

  1. They both in gay houses and walk balls. sex sirens category. This why i can’t deal with “the girls”

      1. Walk balls… are what used to be underground gay community events. They have cash prizes if you win a category. Categories are voguing, fashion, perfect face, body etc. I had to educate myself, I was dating a guy who denied it because I found out from social media. It can be a real messy community. but here is a sex siren video with the “supposedly”wolf.

  2. Normally these kind of stories get me rolling my eyes but everyone involved in this is fine , sooooo I’ll enjoy it lol

  3. In the year of our Lord, 2015, why are niggaz out here fucking with no condoms?? Yes, there are pills that will help reduce the risk of HIV infection, but there are other STDs out there. I’ll be praying for them. Niggaz with messy health records is another reason I deleted Jack’d off my phone.

    1. I tell you one thing, ya’ll better get somewhere, all up under my reply box lol. Nobody don’t be saying nothin to y’all over those buff looking dudes y’all like that look like “Thing” from Fantastic Four.

  4. Nice arch and backside, but that about it!

    I doubt stimulating conversation would be provided by him after you wear his ass out, so might as well moonwalk out the door as you slide your draws on lol

    1. “…so might as well moonwalk out the door as you slide your draws on” and after leaving money on the counter lol!

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is Yellowboi Julian Serrano’s “friend” or is that someone else? They look similar in the face.

    That tail is phat though wow!

      1. I wasn’t saying he looks like Julian, nor was I talking about Julian.He has a big headed friend that he used to feature frequently on his instagram, and he looked like the guy in the pictures. The friend is who I think looks like “yellowboi” not Julian lol. I haven’t visited his IG since I first saw it so I could still be wrong, but that could be the same guy.

  6. That video is NOT ME! I’d appreciate if you took my pictures down before a lawsuit is filed. Deformation of character that is. If it were me, I’m a MAN. I’d own my Shit! I’ve had lower abominal tattoos since 2008. And I know what My Dick Looks like and My Stroke Game. I understand blogs are for entertainment. But when the light is on you and should be, it becomes a problem. Feel free to keep your video, but in regards to myself, a professional individual I’d hope that you’d respect me enough to honor my wishes. And for the “sex siren” comments. Please be advised that I walked balls for 3 years, at the same time obtained a meters and kept a career.(and made almost 9k) It wasn’t my way of life but I had fun and enjoyed it at that time. So don’t be minnute thinkers and be quick to judge. Let’s pull out resumes and go from there. Nonetheless the point of this comment was to clear myself from the situation above. It’s sex, and we all have it. But this just happens NOT TO BE ME!!

    1. ^hey tone!

      first of all,
      thank you for clearing up the rumors.
      i said in the entry that it couldn’t have been you due to the tats on your waist.
      after investigating,
      that person in the video has no arm tats as well.
      people assumed it was you based on the rumors that are following this story.
      quite frankly,
      i didn’t slander or mention your name within this entry.
      i even blocked out your face.
      that being said,
      i will remove all of the pictures.

      thanks for commenting.
      oh yeah…

  7. Once again it’s NOT ME, my comments keep getting deleted but please refrain from associating md with actions that ARENT MINE!

  8. Thank you for removing me. It’ll be hard to stop the rumors but I just don’t want things like this affecting my personal life. Fuck the social stuff. Thanks for being attentive. And sorry about my typos man. I was just very upset as I wrote. And thanks for not mentioning my name. Blogs with a lil respect, I can take that. Big ups.

    1. ^don’t mention it.
      i tend to be a classier blogger compared to others.
      the foxhole is not like the rest.
      i command a gang of intelligent brothers here.
      i took no offense to what you said.
      you had to clear your name and you had every right to do so.

      thank you for everything you do.
      i enjoy the instagram tremendously.
      more shirtless shots please and thank you.


      1. And even though that isn’t him in the video . That is me in the video and the same way you honored his request . I will greatly appreciate it if you take this whole article down . yes I know the video is out there . And it’s nothing I can do about it at this point . All I can say is enjoy it lol . But this article shedding light on a video that I never permitted to get out isn’t helping . So Jamari . Do me a favor and delete this … Please and thank you . AND AGAIN PEOOLE ITS JUST FUCKING . Stop making it such a big deal . Stop trying to analyze the situation . Figure out a story . Talk shit blah blah blah . Jack off nut and go about your day. Lol . And for the record I never was in a house lol so to say we both walked sex siren . That is not true . I never even been to a ball …. But it’s nice to see according to these comments I was in a house … Hmm . Lol but nor here or there . Delete this post please . Thanks Jamari . 🙂

  9. This video is everywhere. It was originally uploaded to Peep My Porn and went viral. The bottom is a known thot so taking this video down will do what? It’s not like they won’t know what a thot he is. You can’t erase your thotness like Draya. How can’t hide when your tattoo is there for the world to see. People are spilling more damaging tea under the Myvidster comment section anyway. Someone said they were going to record his ass if he gets to fuck! Someone needs to get over their victim act and go on somewhere…

  10. If you go in the comment section on Myvid there is a link to a second video posted A completely different nigga with a big ass dick YellowBoi likes them big dick niggas to fuck him raw

    1. #DEATH at the bottom coming on this article begging for it to be taken down, just like he was on myvidster peeping the comments sections commenting back.

  11. I can’t lie. I learned from this whole situation.

    Reputation is everything! People could very well be lying about him or he may have a healthy sex drive and enjoy casual sex. Either way, his reputation has been called into question and that’s something you always want to keep in tact.

    I’ve done my hoe phase and I’ve learned with time to be selective about who I associate with and give my body to. I NEVER made the mistake of being caught on film, although I have recorded other willing parties.

    You all that want the notoriety and the likes and thirst can have it. I’m cool with being the mystery guy. Lol

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