The New Episodes of “The Mind Is Right” (Start Date When?)

it all concocts the recipe of “fuck shit” in our lives.
you try to achieve your goals,
but one (if not all of those things) put a full stop to it.
its like a swipe password pattern almost.

you don’t feel happy.
swipe left and it leads to seeing the insecurities in your life.
swipe up and it makes you question everything you do.
when you swipe down,
it makes you want to stay stagnant,
because well,

you don’t feel good enough.

its all the plot to keep you where you are.
bad enough,
social media and these lying ass hoes don’t make it any better.
i couldn’t stop but wonder…

How do you put an end to mental and emotional “fuck shit”?…
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Your “Lack” is F*ckin’ Your Life Completely Up

i want you to take a look around you real quick.
i was saying your room is a little messy.
can we clean this later?
okay good.
no but seriously…
i want you to look at everything happening in your life at this very moment.
are you attracting everything you have desired?
or do you feel like you are at a standstill with life?
well you can come from any walk of life and still have the mindset of:


one word that makes you feel like you can’t get what you want.
well you aren’t alone.
i have a lack based mentality and i’ll tell you how…
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