Um, Your Emotions Are All Over The Place (Inside Out)

when we are cubs,
we usually have one main emotion that pushes us.
joy is what made us bright eyed and bushy tailed to be alive.
we see the world as one big adventure.
with the help of our parents,
we learn how to use joy to experience love.
as we grow however,
and shit happens throughout our lives,
we get introduced to the different emotions within us…

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When The Regret Is Strong (and The Tears Are Salty)


be careful what you wish for.
look at trump
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A Rush of Pain To The Heart

tumblr_static_am7svk4zbrk8osoww4kskww8ci didn’t think that would happen.
so something told me today:

“call star fox’s mother”

something felt “off”.
so when i called this morning
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Depression is a Hard To Handle Bitch

i suffer from depression.
diagnosed by a therapist when my parents were alive.
i said it.
i been on medication to the point i was a zombie.
i haven’t been on medication in years,
until my recent doctor prescribed me zoloft.
i’m scared to take it.
i always said i wanted to go through life without anesthesia.
using drugs to cope as i go through my journey.
well i got what i asked for.
i’ll say this…
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The New Episodes of “The Mind Is Right” (Start Date When?)

it all concocts the recipe of “fuck shit” in our lives.
you try to achieve your goals,
but one (if not all of those things) put a full stop to it.
its like a swipe password pattern almost.

you don’t feel happy.
swipe left and it leads to seeing the insecurities in your life.
swipe up and it makes you question everything you do.
when you swipe down,
it makes you want to stay stagnant,
because well,

you don’t feel good enough.

its all the plot to keep you where you are.
bad enough,
social media and these lying ass hoes don’t make it any better.
i couldn’t stop but wonder…

How do you put an end to mental and emotional “fuck shit”?…
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My Mirror Tells Me That I’m Ugly

tumblr_n3uq44sHXb1r62zwpo2_r1_500i have a couple questions and there are not meant to be insulting.
okay ready?
here goes…
have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were “ugly”?
have you looked in the mirror and one flaw meant the end of the world?
and have you ever compared yourself to other people?
its okay.
you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
i’m not going to judge you.
its just me and you.
trust a lot of us have felt that way once or twice in our lives.
many people no matter how:

how much money they have
getting good pussy/ass/pipe on the regular

…feel that way every single day.
well you may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” and not even realize it.
i’ll tell you what that is…
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