When The Regret Is Strong (and The Tears Are Salty)


be careful what you wish for.
look at trump

rshdcmrp4mql5qnlhzmdthis should be the lesson to learn from all of this.
we often times want certain things that may not be good for us.
it all depends on if we are equipped to handle it.
don’t get me wrong,
not everything we wish for is bad.
the bad things that end up happening can take us to the next level.
the other outcome is the karma for our actions.
every picture i see of ^this hyena has been of sadness.
the karma will be for the ones who voted for him.
i’m glad.
i’m glad the joke is on him.
let the strings be attached so he can now dance.

lowkey: melania didn’t sign up for this!
she wasn’t supposed to be talking and working!


i know she must be cursin’ his ass out in her native tongue.

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Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “When The Regret Is Strong (and The Tears Are Salty)”

  1. You know, it wanted the role, well it sure damn got it. I hope it can deal with the constant criticism for (at least) the next 4 years, all the blame will be shifted on to it for every and any decision it makes, it will be the scapegoat for all the problems of the world, in the same way that it blamed President Obama for everything that’s happened (never did it include the obstructionism from congress, decisions made by the Supreme Court etc.) I will not be giving it any excuses. Whatever goes wrong, I will show no mercy in criticizing it in the same way it criticized Obama, because the world is now IT’S responsibility alone.

    It wanted to dish it, well I hope it can take it. Show it no mercy! It’s about to get real.

      1. lol that chump doesn’t even deserve proper pronouns. That requires too much respect. If it’s going to run around calling Obama muslim, not “American” etc. then I’m going to happily extend the same courtesy to it and all its republican counterparts. it doesn’t deserve any respect whatsoever. I feel like after 8 years of the racism towards the Obamas, whether we can agree with his success as a President or not, they treated him with so much disrespect, that honestly, it’s going to be fun “not being mature” about it when it comes to chump. I feel like we’ve deserved it. The thing that bothered me a lot years ago was a comic made by a republicunt idiot that painted Obama as a pitch black- fat lipped racist caricature to make a point about him being mixed with black. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while and really set the tone for me, how they are as “people” (more like animals).

        I hope to see cheeto comics of the like in the near future. Usually, I don’t believe in “stooping to their level” but i’m going to have fun making fun of the chumps for the next 4 years, and using it as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the world, in the same way they tried that shit with Obama. Game.fucking.on.

  2. You can bet Melania is VERY happy…but HIS ass is scared. He’s outside of his realm and comfort zone.
    But he talked the talk, now we will see if he can walk the walk. Remember, HE knows more about ISIS than the Generals. HE has a better healthcare option that the Affordable Care Act. He WILL bring jobs back to America. He WILL build a wall. He WILL deport all illegal immigrants (although now I hear its just the criminals). He will ban all Muslims from entering the country.
    This shyt is real…and he isn’t ready for it. He is about to piss off a LOT of Americans who voted for him with promises that he can’t keep. Those that didn’t vote for him can sit back and laugh in their faces.

    1. Yes Christian! I’m really curious to see how it’s going to accomplish all of the things it said it’s going to do! I’m looking for to seeing how it increases jobs and defeat ISIS especially since it claims that Obama and the Clintons created ISIS. Apparently it knows something about how things work that NOBODY else knows, so I’m VERY curious to see how it deploys and executes these ideas or plans. It can’t sit around and do nothing since it accused President Obama of doing for the last 8 years,(which if it DOES, it would make it no better than the man it criticized) so let’s see how good it’s shoes are for walking, because it has a lot of walking to do.

      It promised Americans good jobs by getting rid of NAFTA etc. so let’s see how well that works out in practice, you guys BETTER get those jobs, and ISIS BETTER be defeated or it’s ass deserves to be IMPEACHED!

      1. I’m a little nervous how the next four years will go, but I know that all the things he promised aren’t going to happen. It’s going to be interesting to see the relationship that unfolds between him and Congress, since he damn near talked shyt about most of them.

        What a lot of people failed to realize is that they had their eyes and attention on Trump and Hillary when it should’ve been their Congressmen/women that they should’ve been watching.
        THOSE characters are the ones that should’ve been voted out of office…but once again, so many of them held on to their positions, and as a result we have a Senate and House with many more Republicans that Democrats. Those mofos were the ones who failed to do anything for the duration of President Obama’s term, and once again they were able to conceal that fact with smoke and mirrors…and get themselves re-elected.

        I consider myself a Democrat, but this party is run by pussies and punks. Sorry if that offends anyone but it’s the way I feel.

      2. I am in full agreement brother. The thing that’s scary is that BECAUSE the congress is majority republican, they could pass whatever bill or act without much contest, and the democrats are too weak to fight back. It’s depressing. There needs to be more Elizabeth Warrens up in that building!

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