I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (59)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001i find more and more that the world is becoming so uncouth.
nothing is really private anymore.
everyone has to upload damn near everything.
well an f-bi sent me the following video.
it’s an alleged mother giving head while her cub watches.
you read right.
the following video is:


okay here goes…

x video link provided here

that is actually really sad.
maybe she is a prostitute?
i’m sure there is a story behind it.
those jackals could have driven somewhere else tho.
all in all:


Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (59)”

  1. It’s a good thing I can’t see it on my phone because that’s just nasty, these are your kids why are they even around that to begin with.

    1. Trust me Mikey, the summary Jamari gave was quick and sweet. There’s one child in the front seat that’s watching them in the back, that probably doesn’t know what’s happening. There’s an older kid crying while watching, too close, through the back window and banging on it to make her stop. Just foul 😔

  2. I hope they get arrested. This is child endangerment. If those are her kids, she could end up losing custody of them. Once DCFS gets into your ass, all types of shit can happen to you. There is enough of an image of the man for the police to put the pieces together. The boy’s reaction outside the car says it all. He was not happy about this.

  3. This is disgusting. The man and the woman allowed their sexual behavior to be witnessed by two children. I hope that the authorities find both and that the wheels of justice turn properly.

  4. This is an old video has been circulating fot some time smh one of my close friends said they went to a club and seen a girl giving a guy head under the table towards the back of the club by the restroom. Im a classy freak lol at home. I have done ratchet shit in my past though like fucking outside in the park and etc. Her ratchet moment was just captured on tape. Theres a ratchet video out with the mannequin challenge. A girl was naked bent over with a dick in her mouth and her coochie and they were were crozen still smh the things folks do for attention

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