The Pre Baller Wolf and What Burns Him Up

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-9-22-40-pmeveryone meet “pre baller wolf who maybe no more”,
jonnu smith.
he plays ball for the college of fiu.
you want to know the reason he might be “no more”?
his vixen threw boiling hot water on him.
she is also five months pregnant.
check the story via time

A college football player in Florida is reportedly missing the rest of the season after police said his girlfriend doused him with boiling water.

Jonnu Smith, a senior tight end at Florida International University (FIU), suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, shoulder and arm on Oct. 31 after his pregnant girlfriend poured a pot of boiling water over his head while the two were fighting inside his dorm room, according to the Miami Herald, which cited an arrest affidavit.

The athlete’s girlfriend, Mary Gaspar, who is five months pregnant with his child, was charged with aggravated battery. She told FIU police that she had been arguing with Smith throughout the day over the “attention Smith was paying her and their relationship,” according to the affidavit. She said she was “feeling extremely emotional and stressed” when she allegedly attacked him.

The severity of Smith’s burns are unclear. He is out for the rest of the season, USA Today reports. FIU did not immediately return a request for comment.

this is the she-jackal:

this pregnancy had her ass going crazy.
i know everyone is probably saying:

“This is what he gets messing with some random non black hoe…”

this could have happened with a black vixen.
crazy is crazy; no matter the color.
i think the better question is:

“Who the fuck did he nut in that is crazier than a shit house rat?”


that’s the part that is most important.
she seems unstable.
if she can douse him with hot water for lack of attention,
no telling what she gonna do when he misses a child support payment.
jonnu is handsome too:

…and that thick muscular bawdy of his?
that triflin’ she-jackal!
i hope jonnu makes a speedy recovery!

article taken: time

pictures/video taken: instagram

14 thoughts on “The Pre Baller Wolf and What Burns Him Up

  1. Something happened. A woman doesnt throw boiling water on a guy just because. I have a feeling you’ll hear more developing with this story late.

  2. OUCH! I am guessing she’s been had a tempter because you just do not escalate to pouring boiling hot water on someone. It starts somewhere.

  3. Omg, I go to fiu….i love on dorm. I know that guy (kibda). The football players here have a pretty criticized reputation. Many of them are immensely shallow and predatory. And sooo many girls just fling themselves at them.

    I saw a girl come into the cafeteria and tell the guy she finished his homework, and another come in 20 mins later to say she got his laundry done. They’re really betting hard these guys will make it.

    They’re plenty of good looking athletes here, but to fall for them based on like is a testament to stupidity. They’re young, the school fills their head to prop that ego and many of them are far too ubstinulated to carry on a convo. But they still feel like they’re entitled because they play. Smh.

    Go panthers.

    1. Uh oh…if she did his homework, his ass probably can’t read or read very well.
      We have good looking athletes at our school..but some of them are dumb as rocks! Their GPA’s are sad!

  4. That’s what’s I’m talkin bout, sexy a/f..please spare his face, please spare his face…but I think it’s sad these ninjas procreate with these imbalanced chicks then have the your child be exposed to fuckery even before taking their first breath

  5. Suing her psycho ass for full custody. She wouldn’t even set eyes on the child after birth if it were me. Jeez, like wtf is that? What is with people and this boiling water nonsense? good lord, I’m going to be a hermit.

  6. People love getting in relationships and knocking up crazy people. If I see one sign of crazy, I’m out. I can’t do it.

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