Don’t Judge a Fox by His Girl Jeans


remember him?
his name was devin j.
well he was in the nba baller wolf,
norris cole,
scandal a couple years ago.

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an f-bi sent me an update of what the he allegedly looks like now.
everyone meet the devin jourdun.
brace yourself…


if that is him,
can we say…

The glo up is real?!

i guess there was levels to his shit.
i’m impressed and i’ll allow it.

lowkey: is he still allegedly banging norris?

well norris is currently playing overseas in china.
devin wasn’t messy about whatever was going on between them.
i respect that he kept his mouth shut.
i’m fascinated at all this.
foxhole take note.

pictures taken: instagram

16 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Fox by His Girl Jeans

  1. I will admit that he has went under one hell of a transformation. It is like he was a construction project or something. I am curious how many Foxes would allow him to smash now tho? You can be honest. If Jamari would, I know he would not tell us. That is just the way he is lol.

  2. Ooooh Fatha- I was not ready; he went from “Trish” 2 “Trade” I remember this dude who used to do drag when he was young going to a thug when he got older and I aint gone lie, I would literally laugh out loud when I would see him out. He would always be with these really Fem dudes, who probably didnt know him when he was Nikki and now he is Nate. I have also seen dudes who started out lifting weights and being masculine go to having arch eye brows and skinny jeans so whatever is in you will eventually come out.

    1. ^Damn Tajan…you hit the mark! I think about that whne I look at the pics people post on IG. All you see now are these guys AND girls wearing the tightest clothing possible, all to accentuate their tits, ass, bulges and muscles. It’s not cute. How can your shyt breathe?!! LOL

  3. Come on, Jamari. That pic in the devil cat suit is photoshopped like a mfer. Look how big the dam head is. Idk

  4. These dudes be trying on identities like outfits at Zara.

    I don’t see much glo up. He just stopped wearing makeup and doing his eyebrows and wearing jeans that make his testicles disappear.

  5. Nice transformation…but even though you have a new wrapping, do you still get what’s in the first two pics?!

  6. On closer inspection the before/feminized pics of him look sus and a lil doctored to me…but if they came from his acct, then *shrugs*…

  7. Yoo, I’mma go follow him. He’s out here winning the game. Even if there was something going down he’s smart enough to keep it low key, I like him already.

  8. Wow! what a physical transformation, he looked good before but now he looks like one of your meat posts lol

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