Mind Over Matter


if i can work on my mind,
i think i can get anything i want.
i know you’re like:


…but it’s true.
my insecurities fuck my head up.
this is why i can’t meditate correctly.
i might just be doing it wrong.
i want everything to get in sync,
but i’m having a hard time.

everything i think about,
i will get a sign about it sooner than later.
if i think of a random animal,
one i haven’t seen in a while,
they’ll show up.
i’ve been bombarded with positive quotes on my ( x tumblr ).
all of which deal with my current situation.
i thought about one of my readers i haven’t heard from yesterday.
they sent me an email that afternoon.
there was a scene from a movie that i wanted to see weeks ago.
it randomly crossed my mind this morning.
guess what?
something said go to my movie site and i just got it an hour ago.
even with work wolf,
i would feel/smell/see his presence all over the place.

so my mind seems to be powerful.
this only happens when it comes naturally.
if i’m obsessing over something,
it usually never comes about.

when i think of something,
leave it alone and i move on,
i find the outcome happens a lot faster.

it seems my conscious mind is blocking my subconscious.
if that makes any sense.
i want to learn to mediate without having a million thoughts,
manifesting through the law of attraction perfectly,
and killing this over thinking thing i do that sabotages myself.
deep down inside,
all the negative things have happened because i’ve thought of them.

hopefully this doesn’t sound too crazy,
but i’m trying to get my shit together.
i can’t be a success with:


…if i’m struggling to stay positive.
all of the greats,
the likes of beyonce and will smith,
have said they manifested their realities through their minds.
so if you’re sitting there,
wallowing in your own self pity and sadness…

What do think you’re going to attract?

am i making any sense to anyone?
i hope.



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter”

  1. Okay this is weird because just a couple of days ago I was watching this girl on YouTube speaking about Law of Attraction too that she wrote on her journal and did mediation/yoga everyday, and I thought about doing the same so I achieve on what I want in life so I’m taking this as a sign.

      1. *comes out lurker mode* All I can tell you is, this thing works!!!
        Have u read “Ask And It is Given”? I think I recommended it to you few months ago. U’ve been on my mind alot lately little brother!
        Nothing but Love all the way from TX.

        1. ^i started to read it,
          but ill admit that I fell completely off.
          im going to start that book and make it an effort to finish it.

          thanks for thinking of me.
          hope all is good down I’m tx!

  2. I try to think positive sometimes it works other times it can be hard. It’s easier on small things but for the big things it can be a bitch.

  3. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. Once I understood that the energy I carry and the thoughts I put out would come back to me I completely changed my mindset. Instead I started to think about what I wanted to happen and showing gratitude. LaYour mind will always think about the worst possible scenario but focusing on the good really brings great things to u.

  4. I believe in this too.

    You know what I found helps with drowning out thoughts? If you go on Spotify and go to the “Sleep sounds” playlist and pick white noise. It basically sounds like TV static, and it floods your ears. I use it to sleep, and it’s been a miracle so far for me. I have “hyperactive mind syndrome” as well, so this helps me. I would assume it would help with meditation as well! Red and brown noise are my favourite because they’re not as jarring. If you don’t like that there is the one nature sounds one and the “sudden thunderstorm” one that have really helped me as well! Check it out!

      1. I should think so! It helps me to stop focusing on my thoughts and to focus on the noise! Focus on the sound, and eventually it might help to clear your mind! It’s nice to hear silence in your head for once! lol

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