YOUR 55TH THOUGHT: “Make An Ass Out A Donkey” (55)

i dont know if you guys watched this show last night,
but they made some good idiot tv.
kenya moore is on a roll these last few weeks.
she is waking up a show i once thought was completely boring.
she had some stuff to say about phaedra in her rhoa blog…

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Your 41st Thought… (41)

i know we all tuned in.
but for those of you who didn’t

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Your 34th Thought… (34)

I know this was probably in BK.
These BK “grandmuvvahs” are so aggressive LOL…

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Your 33rd Thought… (33)

We are going to do a little something different this go round.
We are going to watch a video.


This is a new show that is about to come out soon.
Well, a spin off really,
and I cannot wait to read some opinions…

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Your 32nd Thought… (32)

Kim Kardashian lives such a reality show world, doesn’t she?
Everything she does, must be documented.
I’m surprised she doesn’t snap a picture of her shit for her fans to eat it up.

She snapped a picture at the airport of Rob and Scott in some very suspect behavior…

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Your 31st Thought… (31)

I’m sure you are running to see what goodies I have below!
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