Your 41st Thought… (41)

i know we all tuned in.
but for those of you who didn’t


they are so ignorant.
i love this damn show.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Your 41st Thought… (41)”

      1. No you don’t I am too, allot of dudes are actually and don’t want to admit it…..she was looking hella bad on that reunion, shitting on everybody.

  1. First thought is I want some of Stevie J’s ole nasty thick dick. 2nd thought was “this bitch is shaking the table”

  2. I hate to admit that I love this ratchet ass fuckery, I feel all types of low but this is truly a guilty pleasure. After the reunion, Joseline or Jose has grown on me, cause she gives not one fuck, and when she tried to pull out the woman of God card, I knew I love this chick. I also heart K.Michelle, Rasheeda not so much. Mimi, who ever the queen was who did her styling and makeup needs to be commended, this chick is absolutely beautiful, and so is Erica. Let me not forget the Queen in her own mind Mama Dee, lawd the fuckery that comes out of her mouth is beyond belief. Finally, why is Mona Scott looking like a fat cloud trying to play make believe like she has a cast of classy and sophisicated people on this stage, why not let Funky Dineva host this fuckery. Lawd, please forgive me for watching this because I know it must be a sin.

    1. Until he opens his mouth smh ……on another note how his mom calls herself a queen when her lace front is about to fall off her damn head LMAO!

    2. Scappy is hot, but it’s something about him that makes him less attractive to me. I think Rasheeda’s husband is fine as hell tho.

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