My Wolf is Buried Underneath Large Piles of Bullshit…. and It Stinks!

I like to have faith “he” is out there.

Yet, I do not know who “he” is.
I have an idea what “he” should look like, but will “he” live up to that expectation?
I just have this feeling that like anything else in my life,
something “BIG” is going to cum and sweep me off my feet.
“He” is out there and he is looking for me, dammit!
“He” maybe going through countless bs, but we will run into each other soon.
Let me tidy up because “he” should be making his appearance soon… right?
Or, have I ran into him and didn’t recognize the signs he was throwing out?

What if he was shy and I had to make the first move?
What if I looked past him because his style did not meet my requirements?
What if I laughed at him in my head because he was a man with a muffin top?
I had to wonder…

Who is “he“?

I’m sorry, but I am the best Fox in the entire planet.
I am sexy, a good cook, can wear the shit out an outfit, and I am a fucking freak.
Who wouldn’t want to have me?
Shit Id even settle for a sexy Hybrid I could tame with some good juicy…. love (perverts!)
Maybe because I don’t play “Whack a Ho” upon first meeting that I am still single.
If I paraded my shit around like these others, I may have the wrong Wolves living off a GREAT thing.

I think every Fox and Hybrid has an idea of what their “Wolf” looks like.
Some picture him to ride in on a white horse and take them away to a new lands.
Me on the other hand, would like some great credit and an even greater hose.
But, out of all these prospectives, have we by passed the “one”?

What if the one is playing “straight”, but is really trying to figure us out?
He could be sleeping with Vixens, but saw you and fell madly in love.
Trying to throw you signs, your slow ass didn’t catch them off bat and he labelled you the “dumb” one.
Or, maybe you got the impression he was a hoe and didn’t bother to proceed.
As much “image” these Wolves put on, it can be a major turn off.

I am meeting so many Wolves in this business lately,
but they haven’t started to bite my bait… yet.
I am getting the looks and stares, even the longer than usual hug daps…
but which one is “he”?
And, will I know it is him when he presents himself?

I started to thinking about the Fox hunt and the usual suspects.
Yes, we can find a Wolf to sleep with us with no questions asked,
but how do we find the one who is real?
In this lifestyle, it is a lot different than a Wolf pursuing a Vixen.
Often times the business card they give us reads: “CONTACT FOR A GOOD TIME...”

But is there an initial spark during the “get to know” period?
Does he hold off from being sexual so soon?
Does he spend time to actually want to be with you?
Does he actually want to get to know me besides my body and how I give amazing head?

What is the difference between a Wolf in lust, than one in love?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “My Wolf is Buried Underneath Large Piles of Bullshit…. and It Stinks!

  1. Wow Jamari you seem to have thought out every possible scenario. Cool now I want you to do is stop take a sit *slides you a chair*

    I cant answer all those, because every situation is different but what I do know is and I can say this much a Wolf in love or trying to be in love rather will talk to you and try to get to know everything about you, inside and out and he will content and happy just being in your presence, but a wolf in lust wants you to chill with him or him chill with you in one of you guys places and he wants to know mostly how freak you are and if we like the basic stuff and then he wants to get intimate without even asking or knowing you sexual history. A wolf in lust is easy to spot, but there are some combo also, they love to lust over you, its their goal to redecorate your walls.

  2. A wolf in lust wants your body, a wolf in love want your mind and body, but some want your mind and body so they can toy with you till they break you and then toss you to the side for the next toy. So just use good judgement, stay on guard, be yourself and youll find your wolf in white fur. I guess you can have title best fox on the planet, ill take best fox in the universe lol

  3. That’s something we all ask. Hell I’m to the point to where I just want to meet a decent wolf not a jackel in disguise. But to answer your question Jamari a wolf in love would do the little things that drives you crazy and you love. A wolf in lust main focus is dem draws so he’ll be overly touchy

  4. loooool jamary where the hell did u got that picture , i cant stop laughing at ur gif-photos, and yeah i`ve been thinking bout the same,aaaah i have been soooooo,open these days i need to find my love, i really need it ,and i got my ex on the Blackberry messenger and that bitch dare to put a picture of him and his white ugly ass boyfriend, but like u said , he let all this for all that nothing , and jamary are u buff? or skinny with nice abs? ,cuz i could be that one! and u seem a really cute guy, by the way that u express ur self

  5. A wolf in lust will want a sexual relationship. He’s more about physical apperance than anything else. A wolf in love want just that, love. He will go out his way to make you happy and he will love you dispite your flaws. He usually doesn’t want sex until he gets to know you on a deeper level. Jamari you will know when it’s real.

  6. Some of us seem to believe that you can sleep with him first and he will still take you seriously and wanna get to know you because ‘it could happen.’ But possibility and probability are two different things. We already know when a Wolfe just wants to sleep with you. He doesn’t enegage in meaningful conversation, hits you up on his time and usually when it’s dark, hes very sexual towards you, and often tells you what you wanna hear. The real issue is finding those who want to settle down. We can talk all day about what the ideal of that looks like as most commenters have already mentioned. However, the reality of it is it doesn’t happen often.

    I think where a lot of us go wrong is in going with the ‘Patience Model’ and waiting for him to find us, get down on his knees, and profess his undying love. That method doesn’t really work with a group of men who seek to remain in the background and are terrified of approaching for risk of being rejected or wrong. The way to find the one, and Ive recently come to believe this, is to go out and get him. Go to where men you like are and talk to them. Use non verbal ques to communicate your interests (extended eye contact, brief touching, smiling, etc) and look for the same in him. If you feel there is a connection, GET HIS NUMBER! And then… HIT HIM UP! Offer ways for the two of you to be together outside of sex. If he goes for it, good. If he doesn’t, repeat these steps on someone else. We have to CREATE our own opportunities to find love and forever just like we do everything else we seek to accomplish. Waiting for it to happen… Does. Not. Work.

      1. Its tough yngblkwolf lol but I’m starting to realize how this thing works. There was a wolf at the gym who I could tell was trying to work out near me to get my attention. Caramel skin, ovah body, decent face. I sat there and wondered if he would ever say anything. Took my ear phones off to give him an opportunity. He didn’t, of course. And I realized this scenario is an example of what I’ve been doing. Standing around waiting for someone who is deathly afraid of approaching me… to walk over and introduce himself. It’s not going to happen. At least not with the cute ones. I know now that I should have started conversation, asked a stupid question, commented on his work out, something to make him comfortable to speak because wasn’t going to break the ice.

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