He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

What do these Wolves have in common?
Well, besides being FINE AS SHIT.

They all have a “Body That Need To Be Fucked”.
and as a Fox or Vixen, you can do it!

Check out how…

“I fucked the shit out of her/him.”
“I beat that shit up so right.”
“I had him/her screaming in that bedroom.”
“She/He is blowing up my phone for this dick again.”

– all from Wolves who used that have piped us RIGHT.

They are like little boys with a new trophy from gym.
The more they made us cum and beg for more,
the more it raises their egos.
I mean, it’s natural.
From the dawn of time, men’s main agenda is to “fuck us stupid“.
Whether we have a big ass, nice lips, or a nice body it is the same outcome.
We, as Foxes and Vixens, are always the ones to be “freshly slayed“.

But lemme as you a question..
Have you ever seen a Wolf so fuckin’ fine that you wanted to tame him with YOUR Foxhole?
All you can see in your head is having him so hard, he could crack concrete?

When I see a Wolf in the summertime with his shirt off/wife beater or in his pictures online he is pretty much half-naked:


He isn’t showing that shit off for Bible study.
He isn’t using it to feed the homeless.
He has been working out continuously to achieve one thing…
That Wolf is letting you know through his body-language that he wants pussy and maybe even YOUR pussy, if you game his ass right.
When you see a Wolf and he has a nice body, your natural reaction is getting horny. We are human and if not, you maybe a tad bit a-sexual.

When you imagine him fucking you,
you always imagine HIM turning YOU out.
He is laying the smack down with the pipe and it feels oh so right.
But why is it we just lay there while that caveman clubs us?
In every Rude/Xtube.com video,
I always see the Wolf taking control and the Fox/Vixen just laying there.
Let’s try some Werewolf techniques shall we….

When you encounter a Wolf with a “Body That Needs To Be Fucked”, you just put an extra OOMPH in how yo receive it.
You put yourself in the eyes of a porno-star-swagg,
take control of the dick,
and you put in work.

No one likes a lazy fuck.

When he is smashing you from the back,
you throw it back so he can catch it.
When you are riding him,
you place your hands on his chest and ride to YOUR rhythm.
You grab him by the back of his neck
and you bounce something serious on that pipe.
Kiss, bite, scratch, claw, flip… whatever.
You are basically letting him know that you appreciate all that fineness and you are going to show him just how MUCH you appreciate it.

So Foxes and Vixens, go forth and sex that Wolf like your Foxhole is for sale and the rent is due that same night.

Until you hear continuous:

“Oh shit!”
“Gaddam…shit…. fuck….”

… and other non understandable  mumbling,
then you pretty much FUCKED him.



4 thoughts on “He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

  1. kissing is a definite turn on.
    i love to kiss myself.
    kissing can be much better than the sex aspect of the performance.

    there is also a little trick i was taught when the pipe is inside.
    i can’t share all my secrets tho.
    so i’ll keep that one silent.
    EVERY fox and vixen should have at least 1 grip trick.

    good answer wolfie.

  2. #whoisjamarifox :so wolfie…what can a fox do… to turn u out?give the foxes reading some pointers…

    Personally, I’m an oral/kissing guy. So if you can kiss, I’m rock already. Plus I like it when you find my other erogenous zones besides the penis; tease me with your mouth.

    As far as the piping goes…if you can throw it back & make me work for it or milk my joint; just don’t lie there like a dead fish.

    Bottom line: be an active participant in this thang! I will be giving some personal pointers and demonstrations to interested parties…please sign up below 🙂

  3. Yes, wolf-approved. Throw it on me, please — makes things SO much better… 😉

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