“I Want You To Murder My Vagina”… The New Hook Up Line?

wouldn’t that hurt?
would his dick be wanted after?
would it be a messy crime scene?
well her words:


not mine.
that is amanda bynes.
she use to be the top teen comedian on nickelodeon.
i think she started out with nick cannon.
she had numerous hit movies and even a tv show.
i thought she would end up on snl the way she was going.
well she tweeted this last night…

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He Has A Body That Needs To Be Fucked

What do these Wolves have in common?
Well, besides being FINE AS SHIT.

They all have a “Body That Need To Be Fucked”.
and as a Fox or Vixen, you can do it!

Check out how…

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He’s Just Not That Into U.

Picture this.

You meet a fine ass dude online.
He is trying to get to know you.
He hit U up.
You send him your pictures or unlock yours….
…. and you are waiting.
and then it hits you like a frying pan across the noggin


It’s okay.
I know it hurts…

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Fuck Video: Grinding All Up Inside


I hope this video works.

I would damned near lost my mind.
Something about the way he is grinding all up and through
has me feeling very …. right …. right now.
F me like that LOL

I may have to make a phone call.