“I Want You To Murder My Vagina”… The New Hook Up Line?

wouldn’t that hurt?
would his dick be wanted after?
would it be a messy crime scene?
well her words:


not mine.
that is amanda bynes.
she use to be the top teen comedian on nickelodeon.
i think she started out with nick cannon.
she had numerous hit movies and even a tv show.
i thought she would end up on snl the way she was going.
well she tweeted this last night…

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.09.09 AM

i wonder if drake will go ahead and murder that vagina?
i hear he isn’t stingy with giving up the pipe so she may get her wish.


i wonder what happened to amanda?

how can someone so promising take a such a turn?
mental illness?
kid cudi’s dick?
she doesn’t even look like the same girl anymore.



hopefully she gets it together.

….but i do kinda hope drake does take her up on her offer.
i had to wonder if i’d let him put a hit out on my foxhole?

would you?

lowkey: beat it up,
beat it down,
smashed that,
break ya back,
fuck you stupid,
knock the bottom out of,
fuck the shit out of,
┬ámurder ya pussy….

…and sometimes,
the wolf rarely ever does damage in the battle.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on ““I Want You To Murder My Vagina”… The New Hook Up Line?”

  1. I was about to lie to y’all lol. As I was typing about why I wouldn’t let him smash I started getting hard, I am dead serious. Yea, I’m attracted to him on the low. I’d give the pipe without a thought lol.

      1. I doubt he would be mad. Drake is the one who would be smashing him if anything is going on. I want Drake’s ass not the pipe lol

      2. If he is down he is a Hybrid overall, and Trey is too.

        S/N: Ever since I have seen the way Forrest has been looking Trey hasn’t crossed my mind.

      3. Ugh, but judging from his twitter he is just like his brother all about sex lol. I didn’t even know that he was only 18. I thought he was like 20.

  2. I don’t know about murder…some dudes get in the felonious assault range of the pipe game.

    White girls gotta make up for Kimmy Kakes’ lackluster performance with that Mississippi trouser snake.

    Let’s Amanda can do with that Blewish Boa.

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