baby, slow down and let the sound of my voice wrap around your penis

“you up baby?”
that is what this one wolf i use to talk to would call me after or around 1 am.
you know in the foxhole that 11 pm to 3 am entertainment is when the sex happens.


…when i was damn well sleeping.
we would proceed to have the best phone sex i think i’ve ever had with a wolf.
i adore a wolf with a really nice voice.
one that sounds like music in my ears and the tingles for my private parts.
if he licks his lips as he talks nasty to me,
i’d probably explode in my own cum.
a foxholer sent me a video from a tiktoker,
muhammed ayers aka mr. ayers,
that came right on time tbh…

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(dear jamari fox) instagram has a message for me today

ya know,
i woke up this morning pretty low energy.
i was having anxiety attacks and throwing up.
i was starting to get really bothered by instagram disabling my account.
it wasn’t fair!
wasn’t fair,
i font!
i decided to rey and turn my mood around.
i took a shower and ate a good breakfast so i could be present for podcasting.
i brought my favorite pyrite crystal with me to my table.
in the middle of podcasting,
i got this email from ig…

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andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11

many people don’t realize drug and alcohol abuse is a band-aid.
it’s often used as a cover for depression or other mental health issues.
i always question when someone can’t function without getting high or drunk.
there is always “something” behind it all.
folks use it to help quiet the sounds of the sexuality that their questioning.
andrew gillum,
the former shamed mayor of tallahassee,
had a lot to admit in a recent video he uploaded on his instagram.
we talked about his past alleged antics ( x here ).
well he had an 11:11 minute update for us

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The Message From A Higher Place (Pass It On)

i met someone today who had a lot of positive things to tell me.
you know when i receive a message,
i have to share it with the foxhole…

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Cee Lo Green Has A Message For Us

cee lo green has been found!
you know,
after the whole world thought his head was blown off.
scroll down to see that entry.
well this is what he uploaded on his instagram via the shade room
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A Message From SlapMyFatty

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.25.36 PMim starting to wonder how he realllllllllyyy baited those wolves.
^that makes you wonder.
oh and i saw most of all ya’ll in “dickland”.
i was standing in line with my trench coat and glasses on.
don’t look at me.
so slapmyfatty who runs “dickland” has been caught…
he left this message for us to read…
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