(dear jamari fox) instagram has a message for me today

ya know,
i woke up this morning pretty low energy.
i was having anxiety attacks and throwing up.
i was starting to get really bothered by instagram disabling my account.
it wasn’t fair!
wasn’t fair,
i font!
i decided to rey and turn my mood around.
i took a shower and ate a good breakfast so i could be present for podcasting.
i brought my favorite pyrite crystal with me to my table.
in the middle of podcasting,
i got this email from ig…

i had to stop myself from BAWLING on air.
jamari fox was at his wit’s end.
i am extremely grateful to be back.
they took down the last picture i posted,
which let me know that he reported my page.

He won’t have to worry about me posting him anymore.

nice bawdy,

he could have sent me a message asking to take it down if it was an issue.
we back tho foxhole.
today seems like a day of GOOD NEWS.
i’m ready for more blessings today!!!

lowkey: lemme find out trump getting the boot opened up a portal.
blessings are gonna reign for those of us who been in need of them.

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13 thoughts on “(dear jamari fox) instagram has a message for me today”

  1. I am going to unfollow him what he did was messed up he should tell us where the picture came from instead of reporting it

          1. What a minute. You did not grab it from his page but he found it on another social media platform ummm looks like he may be a undercover fan

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