andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11

many people don’t realize drug and alcohol abuse is a band-aid.
it’s often used as a cover for depression or other mental health issues.
i always question when someone can’t function without getting high or drunk.
there is always “something” behind it all.
folks use it to help quiet the sounds of the sexuality that their questioning.
andrew gillum,
the former shamed mayor of tallahassee,
had a lot to admit in a recent video he uploaded on his instagram.
we talked about his past alleged antics ( x here ).
well he had an 11:11 minute update for us

*Andrew talked about how he went to rehab for alcoholism.
He felt like a failure after he lost the race for governor of florida.
It really took a mental toll on him so he suppressed his depression by drinking to cope.
He wore a mask to look busy and tried looking like he was living his best life.
in doing so,
He put on an image of perfection to the public.
He claims that he suffered the fate of his actions by rumors,
some true and others to be false.
He goes on about blm,
the rona,
and folks need to confront what is holding them down.
He thanks his wife because she is standing by his side through his journey.
at this time,
He “can’t be all the things he would like to be”,
but he needs to be those things for himself.

i wonder how much people turned on him?
his ig is the “mask” of all these supporters/celebs when he was running for governor.
did any of them reach out to see how he was doing?
he sounds like many people i know tbh.
a lot of masks were snatched clean off by the rona.
the moment they couldn’t fool everyone with pics/videos of “i’m outside”,
they really had nothing else to use as a band-aid.
i always say you never know what demons people are silently dealing with.

i didn’t expect andrew to use this as a “come out” moment tbh.
i’m sure his therapist urged him to do this for his own healing.
he got publicly shamed and went rogue rather quickly.
now that his scandal has died down,
and so much other shit has happened,
this is a great time for him to speak to the public on what he’s been up to.

i’m glad he was able to share part of his truth.
i’m sure he never thought he’d be outed for his antics,
but we often have to hit rock bottom before we can find who we are.
i really think there was more forces involved of why he was outed:


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Just a friendly reminder… impeachment is forever.

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i’m interested to see where he takes his life next.
i’m sure this will open up doors to help him find a career in self help/motivation.
pastor is usually a good fallback career.
either way,
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: he looks like he lost a lot of weight.
he looks like he is back to his 2018 size again:

it looks good on him.
at least his wife stood by his side.
i noticed he had the pictures up in the background to remind us.

29 thoughts on “andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11

  1. Now listen, I’m gay, i would never get caught up doing all that debauchery he got himself in. Sorry but he’s got more problems than just being gay.

    I don’t really care about this man but those pics disturbed me. I thought you were posting pics of a corpse before I read the full story. Anyways his demeanor seems very rehearsed in that video. If that’s how he always is then it’s no wonder he ended up in the situation he did.

  2. I wish I could explore how to extract blood and feces with him. He seems like his butt isn’t particularly round, but still cute.

  3. Who are we to throw stones are anyone, we all do ish that we could be shamed for. unfortunately, Andrew’s was public. I wish him the best and I hope he pulls through triumphantly.

  4. I wish him well, but I wouldn’t vote for him.

    I find it hard to believe losing the race made him spiral that low. He was already engaging in these activities and maybe he got more reckless.

    I know a lot us like to believe he would be doing a better job right now, but he could also be in a hotel with escorts doing drugs and having sex getting away from his wife like that that NFL player while Floridians are in a pandemic.

    He can forget politics. The ads from other candidates and the debates would destroy him and I honestly believe there’s even more dirt on him out there.

  5. I couldn’t agree more that the timing is great. He was lucky that Rona took the forefront of headlines. I can see innuendos of him mentioning being someone he isn’t, shame, suffering in silence, struggle, sharing layers of himself, and he can’t be who he wants to be. This kind of remind of Wendy William addressing the elephant in the room of her marital issues. Again this is a good move and I like the fact he treading lightly before taking the rough route. Its sad that his political career is ruined but he can do other things.

  6. Wishing this Brother the best he is a good dude and would have done a hell of a lot better than that fat nasty racist they ended up with only because he was able to cheat and suppress the vote, much like KKK Kemp in Georgia. Andrew does not owe us anything on his path to healing. Whatever way he chooses to heal is his business.

  7. The governor is doing a great job.
    This snow queen is a mess.
    Jamari is a mess too.

      1. I second this emotion……I will bring 7-UP cake and punch to the Repass or whatever else is needed.

  8. I assume he has had a conversation with his wife, therapist, and pastor, among others (maybe siblings), about what really went down. His wife does not look like the type who would just say, “Oh, I believe you were at a wedding reception but somehow or other were found with a Yt escort, another man & meth, passed out in a bathroom.” He probably confessed an attraction to Yt men, if she didn’t already know.

    I also don’t think a therapist would sit through excuses and BS after all that evidence. (A pastor, maybe.) Anyways we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg with this. It’s a stab at rehabilitation, a toe in the water, a venture out–not of the closet, but back into public. His wife did respond with an affirmation to his video, so she’s clearly knows the real T and was in on this.

    The sad thing I’m sure is eating him up is that he probably realizes had he not risked everything or gotten so sick the cops were called, he could be out there marching with the BLM folks and receiving lots of support as a strong contrast to Florida’s horrible, inept governor Republican Ron DeSantis. Instead, it’s this contrite video, and an uncertain future for this handsome, talented young man.

    1. ^you are so on point with how the current governor is running florida.
      he has literally got down there is a hotbed for the rona.
      i highly doubt andrew would have had it so bad.

  9. Oh by the way i saw a few photos of him almost sitting on the lasp of that escort on a boat.. it screamed relationship…As the mayor of Tallahasse I thought he would have known better..

    1. The white guy on the boat in that picture from 2016 is not the escort that’s lobbyist / his former friend Adam Corey.Years ago there were rumors that they had an intimate relationship.

        1. I remember reading comments from people who attended college with him that said it was an open secret on campus that he wasn’t straight,so she probably had heard rumors.

  10. He carefully skirted around the issue of what occurred in the hotel room with that escort.. frankly until he addresses that issue he will not heal. He made some really bad decisions running around n being photographed with that white escort porn model. I for the life of me don’t understand what was he thinking. He really lost his way. Anyway i hope he learned a lesson from this.

    1. ^he seems to be dipping a toe in at a time.

      i think he is seeing how this goes so we’ll see more of him.
      his sexuality and “the elephant in the room” might be something he is trying to address privately with his therapist/wife as well.
      who knows?
      he might have come out as bisexual to her and she accepted it (hell knew about it already).

      he cant give us all the cake yet.

      1. Thank you, it’s important to realize that not everything is going to be public and that’s fine. Healing doesn’t have to be put on a national stage to occur.
        The nosey parts of me wants the juicy details that led to the hotel incident, but it’s really no ones business but his family’s.
        I hope he is healing, even if it’s behind the scenes.

  11. I bet he bottomed too. The white escort had something between his legs and he sure as heck wasn’t paid for his methed out face.

    1. Doubt that. The white escort bottomed for pornstar Jason Vario on OF recently.

      Let’s just say his enthusiasm illustrates white gays and their love for black dick.

      P. S: damn at this point someone should make an upscale secret escort service for these gay n bi celebs coz I don’t get y he’d blunder like this.

  12. He cheated on a Black wife with 2 coked out White escorts.

    He reminds me of the guy who won’t press charges against the Central Park Karen. Coons to the core.

      1. My thing is he is “saying the right things” and that’s too “publicist wrote this” for me.

        I think the truest admissions of wrongdoing are when you take into account the ways people could pick apart your apology. So you don’t use pretty words and tackle it head on so people know you’re serious.

        He should have addressed his sexuality or at least said figuring it out. I just..with apologies like can happen again. And I know you think “He wouldn’t be crazy enough to..” His excuse was going to a freaking wedding reception. He isn’t magically fixed. He is broken.

          1. Honestly, the only people that need an apology is his family. I am sure that happened behind close doors. He didn’t do anything to me or anyone else in the public sphere, so an apology is not not necessary.
            I appreciate his explanation though, it’s a important for a new start. He can come out when he is ready, and if he doesn’t…it’s his life and his wife’s heartache.

          2. ^110%

            he doesn’t owe me shit.
            i don’t know him.
            he does owe his wife,
            and those who voted for him an apology.

            those folks that are gasping because of the pictures and “can’t forgive him”.
            like shut up.
            no one told their nosy asses to look at the pictures.
            argue with their nosiness.

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