harreit tubman is about to knock kanye upside his head for us

i thought kanye was running for president in 2024.
i didn’t think he was trying to be on the ballot for this term.
either way,
i wonder if chance the rapper regrets tweeting this:

because at a recent kanye rally in south carolina,
he gon’ say about harriet tubman

the gasps are what took me out.
why are people even there?
i have so much questions.
according to a twitter user,
the clip misrepresents what he said.

that reeks of “stan“,
but if he indeed said that,
there is truth in that statement.
as far as kanye running for president,
caitlyn jenner says she ( x wants to be his vp ).

i’ll never forgive anyone who voted for him if he becomes president.
look at this foxhole…

21 thoughts on “harreit tubman is about to knock kanye upside his head for us

  1. Kanye is the walking combo of a severely bipolar narcissist and an anti-Black misogynist. He put both of full display at that sad, pathetic spectacle of a campaign launch. The sadder thing is that anyone takes him seriously and that he’s not taking his meds, since his mania was evident at that event. I would say he’s being exploited but his is a billionaire and a grown man, so instead I’ll just urge him to get help. Immediately. We all have enough craziness to deal with on a daily basis because of his buddy Trumpkin as it is.

  2. “COON-YE” is A Vile ,Self-Centered , mean , delusional, SOULESS, Un-attractive, short, non -rappin blemish who should be beaten up , arrested and Lynched!!!!!!!

      1. (This is the same” creature” who stated” SLAVERY SOUNDS LIKE A CHOICE”.. Now ,this idiot is lessening the impact another of my Ancestors.. Harriet Tubman.. ( I SAID .. WHAT I SAID. Dear friend)

  3. This is where WordPress needs gif. All this needs is Viola Davis as Annalise Keating getting her purse and leaving. That’s all. Kanye talking about anybody is not worth paying attention to. He looking for attention

  4. None of my values fit in one party. It’s like preferring McDonald’s over Burger King, Marvel or DC, it’s all the same corrupt ish.

  5. Anyone who has worked in a social field and who has to look at DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) diagnoses can clearly see that Kanye has mental issues including narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Much like the demon currently running this country who also has a mental disorder, it is more scary that these people have influence and power and people actually listen to them and think that they are okay. I hope he does not end up hurting his family, but I will not be surprised if he ends up in a tragic situation; especially if his handlers dont get him some help and fast. Praying Jesus for a new medication evaluation and that his Doctors will up the dosage of whatever they are giving him right now to keep him sane.

      1. Yeah, so he’s pulling a Vinny “The Chin” Gigante act on us? I guess you had a sip of Jim Jones’ tainted kool aid too.

        That is not an act, and for you to denounce the mental illness only adds to the problem within our community. It’s a stigma as it is, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed because it’s out there. I see it often, and it’s sad as hell. And for him to have one in a room full of people, with everyone recording it, is even sadder.

        Those people surrounding him need to get him some help.

  6. Running as a member of the Birthday Party, isn’t he? Kim, come get this trash and leave.

    1. Also, so many of these kewns can’t take the idea of an unambiguous black women who did actually did something mattered soooo deeply. She should definitely replace the trash that is currently on the 20 bill – a true American hero. The fact that this fool (bipolar and all) and others would fix their ugly lips to bash her is so reprehensible to me.

  7. He needs to be hospitalized like he was in 2016.I bet he hasn’t slept in days.Sad
    Mental illness is real.

    1. Yep, and the people around are either financially invested and won’t tell him hard truths, or his audience who is looking for entertainment.

      There is a famous movie from the 7Os called network. It’s about how people will tune in to the ravings of mad man for entertainment and because they can sound profound even though what they say is garbage. That movie feels so relavent these days.

    2. It really is. They say that he has never really dealt with the passing of his mom, which he took very hard. And with “yes men” around him, I guess he never will. But his actions since then have also shown that he has some deeper issues as well. He has moments of greatness/creativity (music/clothing), but those are overshadowed by the crazy talk. Has he ever been diagnosed? Bipolar? Schizophrenic?

      1. He discussed being bipolar in an interview with David Letterman on Netflix.He described it as having a “sprained brain” and said his doctor uses alternative medicine to treat it.

  8. Yeah Kanye let’s make it happen now u uncle ben’s folks come inside out the hot fields

  9. All these people attending, with cameras waiting to be entertained as a man has a mental breakdown in-real ti.e.

    Kanye needs help, real, private and genuine help and it’s crazy to be just because he has money no one in his camp is challenging him on his stunts and buffoonery.

    This is depressing, and we’ve been known Kim has NO control in the situation and can’t stop him from going off like this. I kinda feel bad for his kids and her…

    He needs a “no” person

    Harriet, I am so sorry girl, you deserve much better!

  10. He’s a Rass clatt egotistical fool.. He need to sit his Azz down somewhere because U and I know this idiot isn’t getting anywhere near the WH. Just another one of his attention seeking charades. This fool went to Jamaica last year and tried to use the Jamaican logos n put it on his clothing until the govt lawyers dispatched a cease n desist letter immediately.. now who does something like that.. That man is a damn lunatic.

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