august alsina goes full ratchet virgo for his past entanglements

i thought the jada/august/entanglement storyline was over,
but nope,
it’s going for another round.
get it?
another round because they were havin’ sex?
okay i’ll stop.
so august alsina went full september for jada pinkett smith.
he said fucka red table talk,
let’s get in the studio.
he released a new track called “entanglements” with rick ross.

is this her version of a diss track?
i liked that song.
i know i’m part of the problem.
i loved the chorus and ricky rozay came through with the bars.
i’ll add it to my “entanglement” playlist.

jada clearly underestimated all that was september.
she might have had a better entanglement with kofi:

she thought she was getting her back broke,
but she ended up getting her face cracked.
maybe not.
this kinda let her know her shit is fire.
i’m sure will is fuming at how all of this is playing out.
even though it’s about to reach “doing too much“,
august was on brand with this release.

Take your frustrations to a creative outlet.

…and that he did.
if he does anything else after this,
i think folks will think he’s corny and get turned off.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “august alsina goes full ratchet virgo for his past entanglements”

  1. Honestly…(my opinion)……I truly believe Jada and Will has an open marriage!!! It’s like some of the things they’ve said in other videos/ interviews in the past would lead u to believe that’s what they’re into….🤔🤔

  2. I bet Jada regrets helping him when he was sick. I wonder where he would be without the Smith. There is no loyalty. Just very sad, and this guy is only embarrassing himself.
    Add this to playkist with Ray J’s I hit it first, and Tyga’s Kylie Jenner song.

    1. If you see someone has mental health issues, direct them to proper treatment and professional help. Don’t exploit their deep seeded mommy issues because you like a print pic.

      1. Ugh I am so over this one sided narrative of Jada the predator preying on poor wittle august. He was vulnerable sure, she was also vulnerble. She was separated from her husband and lonely. They BOTH are responsible for the “entanglement”. Its crap that August is represented as an innocent child in this story when he was a full ass adult. He didn’t have to have sex with her…. repeatedly, but HE made that choice.

        Ultimately this speaks of how we vilify women and never the men for the same actions. Look at Alicia keys and how she was labeled a home wrecker but Swiss beats reputation was unscathed even though he was the one with those home to wreck.

        1. Not really buying this separated narrative. Dunno I’m more inclined to believe whats been out there for years about them having an open relationship. The only fuck up was her messing with a dude who couldn’t hold his shit.

        2. Don’t worry, I vilify both August and Jada. Both were adults. Both got what they wanted out of it. Both showed signs of mental instability. I hold Jada is higher in regard because she, as a mature black woman, has held herself by this same regard by making it her brand to be a community mentor. Yet, she did not use her own knowledge of boundaries so I put a great deal of stank on her. August, too, was conscious of what he was doing. He may have been vulnerable and sick but he knew enough to get help—form someone who is not licensed to help him. He knew well enough to enjoy the priviledges of being aligned with the Smiths such as vacation sprees and notoriety. And, even Will knew enough that his wife was too-close-for-comfort with a young man who conspicuously entered into their lives. All of these people are not soap opera characters. They’re real and real behavior acocunts for real consequences.

          So, don’t worry- Jada is not alone is her negative reputation. But, she will not be absolved of it either- male or female.

      2. Yes, Jay!

        That is the moral of the story. At this point, there’s no return. August has made his bed and he’s CHOSING to lie in it. Jada, too, picked her poison. Now, the world gets to be voyeurs and critique it. On one hand, I give him props for relying on the only thing he has now as a defense- his crative talents. He’s milking it for all he can. If Charlie Sheen, in his crazy antics, can make millions off a tour where he says he’s WINNNNING aftrer being fired from a show for drug abuse, then Augiust can be WINNNNING off a song about having a public affair. At the same time, this young man has a mental capacity that just won’t leave well enough alone. He’s picking on Jada, Will, Keke, and/or anybody else who hurts his sensitive side.

        In the end, his life has always been about drama so he can’t seme to live with or without it.

        Pray for all of them to be ‘untangled’ at some point.

        1. Thank you,
          I appreciate your consistency, both made poor choices and both are to blame for their current situation.
          I personally don’t enjoy the show that August is entertaining the public with, but to each is own. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
          Ps: he doesn’t know it now, but I think he will come to find out that all of this talking he is doing now is a mistake. Its going to do nothing for his career and will likely tarnish his credibility as an artist as a joke. Similar to Ray j’s hit it first.

    2. No I think you meant “Jada regrets f-u-c-k-ing him”! Y’all act like she blameless in all this mess. He knew she was married and she knew he was broken but yet they decided to do what they did! In all honesty they both played themselves…

  3. He’s annoying, but let him get his money from YouTube views, cause nobody’s really BUYING his music, his music isn’t really memorable or marketable, and his personality damn sure ain’t, so I guess this is bout good as it gets 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Umm I’m so tired of this August / Jada fuckery. When a man is pussy whipped like August, its troubling. Get over it nigga- its only PUSSY

  5. This is the most anyone has talked about August in years. I can’t remember the names of any of his songs or Albums so he needs to keep this going to stay relevant.

    1. ^the way i see it,
      this brings them all good publicity.
      there are no losers here and it brings attention to all their projects.
      this is a PR dream.

      1. Just sad on so many levels. He needs to grow up. This is a joke to him and people like yourself are feeding into it. This happened how many yrs ago? He’s now speaking on it. He needs to stay relavent even at the expense of his so called friend.

        1. It is sad and rather juvenile that he put all their business out there like that. He is messing with that woman’s “marriage” and livelihood. Who was talking about this that he felt the world needed to know he was in an “entanglement” with Jada?
          Just a lame attempt to keep his name out there in the most basic and saddest way possible. Not cool August.

      2. This is so annoying now how many more stories about this will you be doing Jamie.

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