baby, slow down and let the sound of my voice wrap around your penis

“you up baby?”
that is what this one wolf i use to talk to would call me after or around 1 am.
you know in the foxhole that 11 pm to 3 am entertainment is when the sex happens.


…when i was damn well sleeping.
we would proceed to have the best phone sex i think i’ve ever had with a wolf.
i adore a wolf with a really nice voice.
one that sounds like music in my ears and the tingles for my private parts.
if he licks his lips as he talks nasty to me,
i’d probably explode in my own cum.
a foxholer sent me a video from a tiktoker,
muhammed ayers aka mr. ayers,
that came right on time tbh…

oh hi…

when he said “hey baby“…
when he said “listen to me“…
when he said “slow down“…
in my head,
i said:


I’ll do as you say.”

aside from the vocals,
i really enjoyed the message of the tiktok.
mentally and emotionally,
i do need to slow TF down.
my mind has been on 1000 and i’m trying to take the pedal off the metal.
it’s hard when you always live in your head,
which tends to be one of my biggest problems.
an inspirational message and a sexy voice are always a good combo.
check out mr.ayers on tiktok: here

lowkey: whenever people tell me i have a nice voice,
i’m always blown away tbh.
i hated my voice for such a long time,
but it has made a wolf cum on the phone once or a lot of times.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “baby, slow down and let the sound of my voice wrap around your penis”

  1. That turned you all on? I was expecting some Joe Budden deep raspiness. No wonder my mentors want to get busy. That’s a man giving advice and your horny lot are getting turned on! That could be your father or uncle giving that advice.

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