so we got rappers/porn stars targeting and killing gays on dating apps now too?

let’s be real for a second…
if some of us saw ^that mysterious silhouette on a sex app,
more than likely,
we would want to meet whoever is behind the mystery.
God forbid they send a serious dick pic,
you know it’s “when?” and “what time?“.
i’d imagine that is what joshua j. smelser (who is below) thought as well:

…until he was killed by that same figure,
who was allegedly targeting and robbing gay males on sex apps…

An Indianapolis rapper and porn star, 34, has been charged with the murder of a 39-year-old videographer after he allegedly targeted members of the LGBTQ community through dating apps before robbing them at gunpoint.

Diabolique Paris Johnson is accused of shooting dead Joshua J. Smelser inside the victim’s home in Detroit back in September.

Johnson, who goes by the rap name Chuck Da MF Buck, is also accused of carrying out a separate armed robbery of a 26-year-old man at a hotel in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn four days earlier. 

Both victims are members of the LGBTQ community and were located and targeted by the suspect through online dating apps, authorities said.  

Johnson allegedly shot and killed Smelser inside his home in the 16800 block of Woodbine Street on the city’s west side during an armed robbery on September 5.

Detroit police were called to reports of multiple shots fired at the property at around 10pm that night.

Neighbors said they heard gunfire followed by a person leaving the house with Smelser’s backpack, which contained his laptop, credit cards and phone, reported Click on Detroit. 

Johnson’s YouTube channel, which has just 15 subscribers, features a handful of rap songs and an album called ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’

The album photo shows Johnson posing with a pistol. His social media pages also contain several images of him holding guns.  

Johnson also features in several porn movies on Pornhub under the name Chuck Da Dollasign.  

his videos have since been removed from pornhub,
either by the company or his own doing.

There is more of this to come

times are extremely hard and now they’ve taxed unemployment benefits,
which is ( x absolutely ridiculous ),
i can see more robbery and killing in the coming months.

Summer is coming up too?!

forget it.

i can’t stress enough how going on these apps is a risk atm.
if you have a steady fuck buddy or fwb,
i say keep them in rotation.
for those,
like me,
who don’t:

I guess it’s time to up that porn?
Have a wish and a prayer to meet someone that can supply the meat in a safe and timely fashion?

the straight hyenas love to ruin everything for us,
don’t they?

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “so we got rappers/porn stars targeting and killing gays on dating apps now too?”

  1. Who tf names their child Diablolique… Diablo literally means DEVIL in Spanish. I hope his sorry ass burn in Hell for what he’s done. You’re absolutely right. These damn psychos are everywhere

  2. “Diabolique” literally means “diabolical” in French, so it’s a horrible name for a child or adult. This psycho gremlin was marked from the beginning. I’m glad they got lots of images of him and evidence, because they’ll catch him quickly. RIP to the man he murdered.

  3. The name should have been his first warning sign!! and yes, you’ve warned us time and time again about these dating apps, I guess some people think that it could never happen to them , famous last words. You don’t have to tell me twice, and I’ll say it with you, FOXHOLE BE CAREFUL OUT THERE AND USE EXTREME CAUTION ON THESE DATING/HOOKUP SITES!

  4. Ok first he not fine second he wouldn’t be coming to my crib for nothing guys better stop being sugar daddies your a target period

  5. Meeting people without knowing what they look like, is odd to me. Especially after one night, so no that picture wouldn’t have me running over to his house. I never understood a picture making it safe to meet up with someone. Why not get to see their mental state? Even if you ARE that horny, isn’t it worth building up a rapport so you have a trustworthy f buddy?

    1. I have a friend…well ex-friend now but he would meet up with DL men with NO picture from them, at their house and at NIGHT and go on luck/crossing his fingers that they would be attractive. Like wtf? 😐

  6. I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to not meet up with anybody from the apps. This is the second time that I’ve been in the thought process of wanting to create a fwb connection and I go on your page and see a post about a gay guy that was killed in a bad hook-up.

    (Not really fun fact: the guy that I was last going to meet with was a straight, allegedly, rapper and seeing that this mirrors that I’m good)

  7. Y’all are still meeting these thugs y’all don’t know in a pandemic?

    People are out of work and it is robbing season!

    Sometimes you gotta look at them and then look at yourself and ask if it makes sense they want to come over your house? Smh

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