when two jamaican males get together and one doesn’t make it out alive

i’ve always been told that caribbean males are a little crazy.
i’m from barbados and i can attest to being a smidge of crazy.
the running joke has always been:

Some Jamaican males are mad as a shad!

…which means some of them can take the whole cake of crazy.
i’ve heard the sex can be bomb af,
especially for americans who are not used to all that hip rotating,
but they can be crazy and will make you crazy in the process.
add on being gay and i’m sure that is a whole rollercoaster ride to the pits of hell.
the following is about two gay jamaican males,
but rupert brown:

ended up dying at the hands of his partner’s crazy up in canada…

A Jamaican man has been charged with the murder of his Jamaican male partner under mysterious circumstances in Toronto, Canada on the weekend.

Twenty-eight-year-old Leahain Malcolm of Toronto has been charged with second-degree murder relating to the death of 38-year-old Rupert Brown, a medical doctor also of Toronto.

It was reported that the police were called to the Keele Street and Eglinton Avenue West area in west Toronto at about 3:25 am on Saturday, February 27.

Brown was later found with “obvious injuries”, according to a release from the Toronto police. No further details were provided about the nature of the injuries.

However, media reports suggested that the Jamaican was found in his apartment on the third floor of a complex after a neighbour called the police. He was later pronounced dead.

Investigators arrested Malcolm later on Saturday and charged him in connection with the death.

an incident happened with these two before rupert’s murder a few weeks ago:

Interestingly, the news outlet reported that Malcolm and Brown had been involved in a domestic abuse case some weeks before Brown’s death.

Malcolm was reportedly on bail at the time of the incident, after being charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, a knife; assault and assault with a weapon on January 27. The complainant in the matter was Brown, Global News shared.

such a sad story.
i wonder if rupert ignored the red flags of his partner?
one of the toxic traits i’ve heard of some carribean males,
and even some vixens,
is that are prone to being abusive.
when i grew up in barbados,
i’d hear stories of vixens who’d run and get a machete for their cheating jackal.
they’d cut his ass up and then get back with him in a week or two.
i heard a reggae song about some male ripping off a vixen’s clothes in public cause she cheated.

one thing i’ve noticed about some caribbean folks,

and even folks from puerto rico and dr,

We came from a lot of abuse and will tolerate it if we love someone.

this behavior isn’t exclusive to island folks,
but some of us don’t know when to let go after being physically abused.

it doesn’t help that folks from the islands can be pretty intoxicating.
some of us will cheat and be begging at the door to come back home.
a good fuckin’ will get us right back in line for more repeated cycles.

sidebar help: i was trying to find this one video i saw of this jamaican male,
outside his girlfriend’s home in the rain.
i don’t if he was begging to come home but he was being full on jamaican.
if the foxhole knows what i’m talmbout,
please send me that video so i can post.
thank you!

another toxic trait is the immense amount of gaslighting.
i can only imagine the abuse when it’s two jamaican gay males,
especially with all the shame we can hold for being gay by our growing up.
many of us from the caribbean need therapy off that alone.

may rupert rip.

lowkey: this is not exclusive to all carribean males.
i’m def not that kind of crazy,
but some of my island brethen can be HAM.
with anyone you are bringing into your life,
watch for red flags and don’t put up with ragga.

article cc: loopjamaica

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “when two jamaican males get together and one doesn’t make it out alive”

  1. When it gets to the point when you’re putting hands on each other it’s time to part ways. Too much wasted energy going back and forth. Sadly many guys can’t find their way out. I’d really like to know why he killed his lover, if you truly love someone you don’t want to see them hurt. Now two lives are wasted.

  2. Don’t know why ANYONE can be so in love with someone that hurts them. That is a different kind of love, that sadism 🙄

    1. ^the crazy part is it ain’t even the sex at times.
      its the connection you have with someone that is so strong,
      it feels like you can’t move on without them.

  3. Jamari, this post is so on point. I am a Caribbean male, raised in Jersey and relocated to Brooklyn for school and career. I cannot tell you the level of toxicity I’ve experienced with fellow Caribbean males, that I vouched to NOT date them EVER. It’s self hating in a sense, but I had to protect my energy at all costs. In this case, I’m sure the level of toxicity was sky high and they fed off each other. unfortunately, it appears that things escalated to levels which they could not back down from. this is sad.

    1. ^okay so you get it!

      for many caribbean males,
      it’s a lot of secrecy that i can’t get with.
      im not saying to be out of the closet,
      but at least accept who you are and what you like.
      it all stems from the shame that was instilled in us by our parents.
      it’s a lot of being forced to date vixens,
      secretly attracted to males,
      and having to be what our parents want us to be but fighting urges for the same sex.
      next thing you know,
      it’s all this abuse and hatred.
      i’m starting to realize i can’t deal with caribbean males that haven’t healed or have tremendous trauma.
      can’t do it because they will literally take your peace.

      cousin hybrid even talked about his experience.
      it’s a shame because i’d enjoy relating with someone else from an island,
      but i refuse to deal with the trauma that can come with it.
      i’m good.

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