trevante rhodes, his biceps, and muscular butt was out here slanging the peen in a movie

trevante rhodes.

trevante rhodes.
some of the males we lust after in entertainment,

we hope to see them in a sex scene in a movie or tv show.
a porn leak is God giving gifts to his special children.
i’ve crossed ll cool j,
miguel angel silvestre,
matthew mcconaughey,
brandon bell,

y’lan noel,
and jay ellis off my fantasies who have slanged good peen in scripted productions.
trevante rhodes,
with those biceps and that chest of his,
has always been one of my fantasies i’d love to see in a sex scene.
i guess my prayers were answered.
trevante was out here slanging the peen to audra day in “the united states vs billie holiday” and well…

he has a nice muscular tail!

you know i love grabbing on a nice tail during missionary.
my favorite part:

his facial expression as that tongue was hanging out.
excuse me?
i would have lost my entire mind on that set.

ill cross this sex scene off my fantasies list.
good work trevante.
i’d like more,
i got a fun question for the foxhole:

Has one of your celeb male fulfilled your sex scene fantasies?

you can watch “the united states vs billie holiday” on hulu now.

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20 thoughts on “trevante rhodes, his biceps, and muscular butt was out here slanging the peen in a movie”

  1. Trevante has everything I like in a man. I’m feeling him lean too. Issa pandemic. Anyone with sense is staying away from gyms. It also tells me he’s not a selfish narcissist.

    What got me is the way he looks at her. When a man looks at someone like that he’s not only in love with them, but he’s going to fuck them into oblivion!

  2. Yeah this dude is a problem, he’s legit the only celeb I have RAW sexual attraction to! Straight up trophy! 🏆

  3. The ultimate dream man. Lawd…let’s hope he does another gay related movie and doing a sex scene! Woof woof…bow wow wow!!!

  4. Sexy scene..will have to decide how I feel about within the context of the larger film. Not the biggest fan of Lee Daniels, but I’m thrilled Andra Day is getting her shine.

    1. I’m not the biggest Lee Daniels fan either but he does make good compelling movies. His tv shows ain’t shit though. This movie was on a budget but it’s well done. A lot of good acting from a relatively unknown cast. I never heard much about the end of Billies life except of her being an addict so this was enlightening for me. I’ll have to watch it again to really rate it.

  5. That’s the one man I would let drive my car and spend my tax refund. Yes Lawd!

  6. This is the scene I wanted in Moonlight but I guess this will have to do, for now…. Btw he said “like this”…… Yesssss teach me daddy!!!! Lol

    1. I remember my bf at the time complaining of the same thing. I think they left out any sex scenes to allow us to focus on the emotional connection between Chiron and Kevin. I think a really sensual love scene would have been 🔥while still fitting the elevated vibe of the film.

      1. I’d love to see a well made movie about us that finds the tastefully sexy happy medium!

        1. Yes with actual sexy black men and not the run of the mill kind. Trevante can wear my ass out any day of the week. I don’t like the weight loss but I’ll deal lol. Moonlight needed a bomb sex scene at the end but maybe that’s more fantasy than reality.

          Moonlight is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. I hope we get more soon.

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