when you wanna be a shitty person, but being fake is what gets you friends

it’s hard to just “be” when we want to impress everyone we meet.
if you wanna be a shitty person then be that person.
here is the thing with me,
i might not like or fuck with you because you’re a shitty person…

…but that’s your authentic self.

 i always want everyone to be their authentic selves.
don’t you hate

When you meet someone and they are cool af,
but in a few weeks or months as the honeymoon phase ends,
they actually are realized to be a demon?

it’s like a boss at a job who during the interview was amazing,
but after getting the job and the honeymoon phase comes to an end,
they actually were sent from Satan to torment you.

we have to realize that we need to stop trying to be perfect.
i think that has been my problem and others as well.
some days,
you wanna be bad

…and other days,
you wanna be the goody-two-shoes who follow every rule.
just “be“.
humans are not meant to be perfect.
i’m definitely not and i’m okay with that.
there are people i’ve hurt,
some i knew i was hurting and others i didn’t realize.
it takes maturity to take accountability for our actions.
look Mum,
I’m growing!

listen it took me a long time to get “here“,

so i don’t get too offended when someone is revealed as a doofus.

I find the idiots on social media amusing because they give me something to font about.

i love turning their lemons into my lemonade business.
aside from that,
some people are just fuckin’ idiots.
they were born to be idiots and they’ll die being idiots.


i’m not as sensitive over a majority of tantrums on racism and homophobia on social media.
i’ll banish a jackal or hyena who shows their entire ass,
but i’ll hope they get it together for their future development.
i tend to not care and you don’t have to be like me.

Some people don’t deserve forgiveness.
We can forgive them for ourselves,
but you aren’t a bad person if you say “well fuck them and each breath they take“.

we don’t have to pay attention to them.
we choose to because deep down inside,
we can’t believe they’re bold enough to not be “perfect” and shitty people.
this is why a majority of morons are celebrities right now.
once we realize that someone will still be liked or fucked the shit out of,
even if they’re a good person or a homophobic piece of shit,
we’ll learn how freeing it is to just “be”.

we’ll font soon about how everything we do,
even if you’re a good or shitty person,
comes with a price.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “when you wanna be a shitty person, but being fake is what gets you friends”

  1. but you aren’t a bad person if you say “well fuck them and each breath they take“.

    Big facts. People get so fake when someone dies or something bad happens to them. I wouldn’t pray for Trump if he tripped. It’s Karma.

    And bad people don’t have friends. They have people who are to weak to be themselves. It takes effort to care. Easier to be selfish and evil. So good people are stronger and we’ve too long associated being immature and evil as powerful and being wise and benevolent as weak.

    It’s not even about balance. Because the same people who say that, don’t practice what they preach. How do you care about balance, then say Life isn’t fair? It life was balanced, things would be JUST and FAIR. Therefore, just as we can’t be perfect, we can’t be perfectly balanced. So stop acting like we HAVE to accept bad things as balance. We accept the bad we can’t control and use our gifts to promote the little areas of good we can. Like preserving our mental health. Checking on lonely elderly.

  2. I did a podcast about this. It’s why the “cap niggas” irritate me bc everyone is so “I’m zen and good vibes and burn sage” we all can’t be that because the hatred and hurt we face from others has to come from somewhere everyone can’t be so positive as they claim !!!! When ur authentically u good bad and ugly u give people a chance to fw u off ur spirit. Being a good boy/good girl only will get u walked over

    Prime example a guy and I were texting he stopped randomly

    Funny Enough when I move on his friend he’s back in my dm like he didn’t ghost

    See the pleasantries and “niceness” I put on until u tried to play me. Now you’re entranced by my savage aura cuz I’m not letting U play in my face and I’ve made it clear ur friend looks good and if u not rolling accordingly l WILL FUCK HIM. this is what people mean when they say “nice ones finish last”

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