The Message From A Higher Place (Pass It On)

i met someone today who had a lot of positive things to tell me.
you know when i receive a message,
i have to share it with the foxhole…

when this older snow wolf walked into my job this morning,
i figured he was gonna be rude af.
when i’m dealing with someone rude at work,
i straight shut down and get into “robot” mode.
nothing but “short but sweet” polite answers.
it turns out he wasn’t rude at all,
but sent to deliver something i needed to hear.

when he sat down,
we got to talking randomly about the weather.
he said he’s glad it’s 2018.
i agreed.
i told him my 2017 was absolutely horrible and how i don’t have toxic hyenas in my life anymore.

“that is something to celebrate.
the fact you moved past bullshit and are here to talk about it”

he told me to “let go” and that:

“when you truly start to love yourself,
and let go all of the insecurities,
you create an aura that is attractive to those around you.
it draws people to you and makes them want to be around you.”

i’m starting to learn that.
he went on to say:

“i studied spirituality and i’m good at reading spirits.
You’re a really good guy with a kind spirit.
Very sensitive and caring…”

for a while,
i didn’t want to be those things anymore.
i get tired of hearing it because i’m always treated badly.
i figured being a raging bitch is what folks respect nowadays.
we seem to be drawn to “those” types.
that’s not who i am naturally,
so i’m basically not loving who i really am.
see how that works?
he added more gems during the conversation:

– learn to “stop, think, and act” rather than just stopping and acting.
– when you find yourself really mad and ready to react,
go look in the mirror and ask yourself:

“Is this really important?”

– the voices in our heads are what create fear.
they create scenarios that are farthest from the truth.
learn to shut off those voices.

change that mind frame.

i was blown away.
the universe brought him into my life today.
he came in and gave me that word.
he said he would come back to bring me a few books to read.
i’m open to accepting them.
if i never see him again,
i’m okay with that too.
he said that we have to pass on what we know to others.
that is how blessings work.
he told me and now i’m telling the foxhole.
i’d say it was a win.

lowkey: it’s crazy how what i’ve been thinking about,
he basically spoke to me out loud with solutions.

5 thoughts on “The Message From A Higher Place (Pass It On)

  1. Off topic but J have you heard about GINUWINE enterting the Celebrity Big Brother house over in the UK?

    I don’t watch that show but I recently seen some clips online where he got into it with a transgender woman because she didn’t like the fact that Ginuwine said he wouldn’t date a transgender woman knowingly. Mind you, he was being respectful about it and her tacky ass had the nerve to go off on him about it and then proceeded to even try and KISS him on national television! I’m just glad that he kept his cool.

  2. Wow this testimony really blessed me. It is amazing to me how random people can change our lives with just words of wisdom. Some of the best advice I have ever gotten has come from strangers I never knew before I met them. I am praying that the Universe rain down blessings on us all, but especially Jamari who puts so much of his heart and soul into this platform.

  3. Yaaas! My life took a turn for the worse at the end of 2017 and dragging into this one. I just recently came across this exact message in my own life. Man, is it powerful! Take it to the heart and nurture it!

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