I’ve Got .5% Black In Me! I’m A Nubian Kang Straight From The Tribe!

meet our new black queen!
her name is demi lovato.
she allegedly did her “ancestry.com” reading and found out,
and get this,
she has 1% black in her.
that was enough it seemed for some of ya’ll to set her a plate at the cook out.
she is still a snow bunny to me.
that’s the issue with the “1 drop rule”.
we claim whoever just because they have a tiny drop of black in them.
a foxholer,
by the name of dw jazzlover,
wanted to break down the 1 drop for us.
he mentioned it briefly in the ( x bruno mars ) entry.
he sent me a chart and brief description of how it works…

While reading your post on Bruno Mars, one of the readers mentioned the “One Drop Rule”. While I was doing research for my Black History Classes on Louisan’s Creole Culture I found this classification Chart. It dates back to Slavery and classifications on free people of color.. One Misconceptions about being Creole is that is a color, it is not it is a culture.

In the early days of the 1800 Louisiana was French speaking area and the native-born French and Spanish Gentry Identified themselves as Creole to distinguish themselves from new arrivals from France. As in many other colonial societies around the world, creole was a term used to mean those who were “native-born”. It also came to be applied to African-descended slaves and Native Americans who were born in Louisiana.

The One Drop Rule came into use because of the Placage system of rich planters having two families, one white and one of free women of color. They met this women at social event held at the Octoroon Balls Held in New Orleans. They bought and built homes in the area now known as “The Ramparts” in New Orleans. Wife on the plantation, Mistress and children in the city.  There were strict rules about race mixing and in reality, these unions were illegal but they ran the state. Marriage among white men and free women was strictly forbidden so they needed a way to keep the races separated in leagel terms thus born the One Drop rule and the attached chart as a way of keeping the race pure. One drop of black blood makes the person Black. There are numerous of people discover that they were black and have tried to get their race changed to white without success.

so where do folks like mariah carey stand?
she is very in-tuned with her black side.
her urban remixes are legendary.
 she doesn’t “look” black,
but do we still claim her?
what about alicia keys?
her mother is a whole white,
but alicia has embraced her blackness.
halle berry looks like a whole sista.
i never think the same for cardi b or bruno because they aren’t black.
they just do “black music”.
demi lovato is not even a discussion.
once i investigated more in depth,
meghan markle is a snow bunny.
we only claimed her because her mother is black.

she might be biracial,
but she doesn’t seem to identify with her black side.
there is this biracial wolf whose credibility was all but shot last year:


he claims “black”,
but he got a smooth cancellation back to…
wherever he came from.
this is all very interesting.
i had to wonder about “one drop rules” and “who is what?” in race wars…

How do we determine who we claim?

…and is it due to background,
up bringing,
books they read,
activism they choose to do,

and how “down” they are?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “I’ve Got .5% Black In Me! I’m A Nubian Kang Straight From The Tribe!”

    1. ^i don’t get my questions answered without having to ruffle a few fur balls.
      some of us like to claim everyone so who really needs to be get claimed by us?
      and why are we claiming all these randoms?

  1. Lol. I don´t think there is one person i’ve seen do the Ancestry.com/23&me tests and NOT have any African in them to some degree. 1% is actually the lowest I’ve seen thus far. She’s not black lol.

    It really doesn’t have to be that complicated lol…

      1. They’re not complicated Jamari, they’re rather simple. WE make them complicated. We choose it to be that way.

  2. Dr. Maulana Kaurenga describes blackness as being a combination of “color, culture, and consciousness.” It should also be noted that Dr. Kaurenga is the creator of Kwanzaa.

    Black people come in a variety of shades so it shouldn’t be scrutinized too harshly color wise on how ‘black’ someone is, however color is a prerequisite for the other two criterion.

    No matter if you are Jamaican, Bajan, Brazilian, Mexican, Indian, Gambian, Belizean, Trinidadian, Canadian, English or whatever, do you acknowledge your African culture and roots? Do you acknolodge your countries ties back to Africa? Do you participate in the positive aspects of your particiular culture and not deal in the negative sterotypes? Because no matter where black people find themselves in the world, we all are tied back to Africa. Not even up for debate.

    Consciousness is important as well. Do you acknowledge the past that black people have faced? Are you aware that if one of us is in trouble (i.e.: slavery in Libya), ALL of us are in trouble? Are you aware and involved in the struggles that we face daily due to the system of White Supremacy that we find ourselves living in? Are you doing your part to help your fellow brother or sister in the black community? Do you practice black economics and black love?

    I feel that if we are going to invite someone to this imaginary cookout, they have to meet all three criteria. Based on what I just laid out, it’s gonna be an empty ass cookout.

  3. 1% rule?

    This dates back centuries ago and the meaning has evolved over time. There was even a case where it was thrown out and I think it was in Virginia if I am not mistaken. Instead of trying to define that person to one racial category that does not make sense logically or backed by science, that individual should be able to identify with both races, which it looks like it is going to be taken a turn in the future with more biracials wanting to identify as biracial instead of black…

    How do we determine who we claim?

    That is a good question, but WE should require the individual to have both black parents, because biracials are looking to have their own category soon. Instead of us begging for a person to be down with us or choose our race, we should be using that energy to promote self love and group preservation. I am not saying to be mean or not allow the individual to identify with our culture, but have them identify with both of their cultures our use our race for monetary gains. (Hey Zendaya)

    Where do we go from here?

    We need to find and support black owned networks, businesses and pool together resources to build our network, infrastructures for knowledge, internet, products that are positive and employ a great number of black people. In addition to, cancelling products, networks, celebrities, and any individual that is promoting whites, biracials, or any other race in the place of blacks. This is going to take time, love, patience, and the ability to want us to succeed in order for this to work.

      1. When I was speaking about Zendaya and monetary gains she is the perfect example to use. She has even acknowledged her skin tone allowing her to be privileged and was called out for not identifying with being biracial but being in the gray area. She flip flops, because I remember her doing an article a while back where she was praising being African American, then jumped to the gray area. I do have to consider her age and that people grow over time, but in her setting I don’t know if it will provide her the right growth. You have black actresses that are losing out to jobs that Zendaya is being given to represent a black person.


        Everybody and they grandma is activist during these times, even Milan Christopher identifies as an activist. The meaning has been watered down and the real activist that are doing something we do not likely see or know, because we do not have control of the flow of information.

      2. I think a lot of it is self-serving with her.

        She’s not particularly talented and wouldn’t be as big as she is if that incident with Giuliana Rancic didn’t happen where she was really wearing a wig herself lol.

        Then she found herself put into this activist position and has been riding that wave, but what acting role has she blown out of the water? None.

        Her whole existence is based on being an acceptable kind of pretty black girl Hollywood can cast and say they’re being “diverse”.

      1. Without being branded as condescending, I feel THEY are trying to do the whole “switch a roo” on Black American culture by overshadowing Black excellence.

        THEY are also murdering BLACK people physically and mentally, while stealing their cultural identity and trying to rebrand it as THEIR own. THEY are thieves and many of THEM are inheirently evil.

        THEY are on this Earth to do THREE things. STEAL, KILL and DESTROY.

        THEY are masters of manipulation and the authors of confusion.

        THEY have proven time and time again that the above is true.

        THEY look down on Blacks but LUST after their culture and benefits.

        THEY loathe an entire continent but readily evaporate and profit from it’s resources for better HAIR, SKIN, and overall LONGEVITY.

        THEIR knowledge is STOLEN and mixed with THEIR own principals.

        It is akin to roses and arsenic and delivered for the masses to take in, and they readily do so with elation.

        Like depraved children on a snowy Christmas, THEY take pleasure in ripping away the wrapping from each present to relinquish in the treasure that is within.

        THEY have many faces but all wear the same mask.

        American Natives are no strangers to racial dilution, falling into the pits of borderline obscurity but have been given an “incentive” to deal with it.

        Blacks are next…

    1. Jammy, you got that right. And that agrees with my comment below “Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.” To those who believe iin the foolish “one-drop” theory, 100% oil is the same as a mix of 1% oil and 99% water. That’s insane. Ask Rachel Dolezal. That white fool probably has “one-drop” genetically and she has more black in her when she has black penis in her!

      There’s suicide. There’s ethic cleansing. The idiotic, crazy, racist “one-drop” theory is the path to ethic suicide.

  4. What it means to be black
    To accept the racist “one drop” theory is racist and accepts a central tenet white supremacy, which is blackness as a taint. “Black” is not a philosophy, a club or a way of life. “Black” is a race. “African American” is an ethnic group within the black race as is Haitian, Nigerian or Kenyan. Just as Irish or Irish American is an ethnic group within the white race as is Italian, French or German.

    Nor is being black defined by skin color. The black race has the highest rate of albinos of any race. And yes, such albinos are fully black. On the other hand, this so called “one-drop” theory that says that if you are part black, then you are black is a bunch of bull. First, it was invented by the racist white slave-owner for the benefit of the racist white slave owner and not the slave. And I will not have my views dictated by dead racist white slave-owners. Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black. We’re not going to co-sign on a racist theory that sees us and our ancestors as the functional equivalent of garbage. (We are not garbage and neither are our ancestors!) If you co-sign on the racist one-drop theory, then you are co-signing on racism. Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.

    Therefore, Pan-Africanist American-African writer, historian and professor John Henrik Clark wisely said “You cannot make a good African between the legs of a European woman.” Dr. Claud Anderson came to the same conclusion saying, “If I pour water into gasoline I didn’t make it any stronger, I made it weaker.” You cannot make more “oil” by simply adding “water”. To think that you can is foolish—and racist.

    (Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another race. The “one-drop” theory with blacks as a taint, as garbage clearly fits into that racist scheme.)

    Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black. Furthermore, one’s race or ethnicity is not like a club. You either are or are not “born that way”. You can’t join it like a club. They are people—just not black people. They are humans—just not black humans. Such people include former President Obama, Meghan Markle, Mariah Carey, David McIntosh, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Benjamin Jealous (former head of the NAACP who is 90% white by DNA), Melisa Harris-Perry, Jesse Williams, etc. (Halle Berry foolishly said that since she was black, her daughter is also black. Well, the fact is that Halle Berry is half-black so is biracial and that her daughter is born of a white man so is ¾ white! Such foolishness!) (And Tiger Woods is ¼ black and ½ Chinese! Yet some want to call him black! Correction: He’s mixed race!) Such people are mixed, mulatto or biracial. We oppose racism in all its forms and permutations (including the racist canard called the “one-drop” theory) and we ask you to oppose racism in all its forms and permutations too. When you know better, you do better.

    The one-drop theory is part of the white supremacy trifecta, which has been largely successful in crippling the black mind: 1. White/European Jesus (AKA White Jesus), 2. White/European standards of beauty and 3. White/European fostered and foisted/imposed “one-drop” theory

    1. Dean,

      I hope they don’t come for you, because you got some names on your list, that a lot of people worship and love more than their child.

      *Stays in thread as bodyguard*

      1. Let them come… He is speaking nothing but truth. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can go in a corner and cry about it. The truth does hurt but maybe they will finally be set free.

    2. “Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black”

      “Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black”

      AMEN BROTHER! AMEN!!! I say if you’re not majority black then you are NOT black. PERIOD! These will be the same people also who claim mixed when convenient!

      The one drop rule also is detrimental to black people in this Eurocentric society. Because whenever affirmative action is due in place for BLACK people, the mixed people will ALWAYS be favored over the black person because this world is very whitewashed. This is why Obama got to be president before an actual black man, this is also why light skinned singers of African ancestry THRIVE MORE than their darker skinned components, this is why black people who live in certain parts of the world (The Caribbean) will be put at 2nd place whenever competing with a mixed person for a job because the former is seen as lesser, not intelligent etc.

      The damage of colorism within the BLACK community in particular is because of that nasty one drop rule.

  5. How we classify race is so interesting and complex. The spanish (from Spain) had a whole racial mixture hierarchy. I encourage everyone google: casta paintings. This heircharchy was often the subject of artists who would paint each kind of racial muxture and label them. This is were we get the term “mulattos” from.


  6. This comment below is the same comment I left in the post you wrote about Cardi B and Bruno Mars (in response the the abundant ignorance I was reading in the comment section)….

    Wow. The ignorance in this thread is absolutely sad and appalling! Some people need a SERIOUS history lesson. The music of most Latino countries or territories (e.g., Puerto Rico) was created by African slaves in the sugar cane fields. Look up “Bomba” music (aka “the dance for slaves”). Puerto Rican slaves who were brought to the island (and often had their foreheads branded by their owners) during the transatlantic slave trade used the bomba as a way to overcome the hardship of slavery and speak out against social injustices as did Hip-Hop, which was co-founded by Puerto Ricans in New York City-the Bronx to be exact. And, one of the founding members of Hip-Hop (The Last Poets) was Puerto Rican. So, when in the comments “Keivon Baldwin” says “I know how Latino people are I’m from Texas all my life I been around Mexican so I know how they act,” he sounds super ignorant and it’s apparent that he and many others on here have a very limited world view.

    The colonial forces have done a great job at keeping us all divided.

    One last thing:

    “The 369th Regiment known as the Harlem Hellfighters became famous during World War I not only for their courage on the battlefield, but for 369th Regimental Army Band. They were an all-Black band in the segregated army led by James Reese Europe, who many credit as helping to initiate the Harlem Renaissance. The band, which recruited up to a third of their members from Puerto Rico, introduced European audiences, particularly in France, to live jazz music and influenced the careers of notable musicians including Latin music’s greatest composer Rafael Hernandez as well as jazz greats Noble Sissle…


    Yeah, you fools with your ignorant comments about “Hispanics” need to go to the library some time and stop speaking based on your own ridiculous opinions and fake knowledge.

    1. Honestly, I would take the comments with a grain of salt. Trust me, don’t take them too seriously, save yourself the stress lol.

      1. You’re right. But even Jamari, who I’ve been following for a while is sounding real ignorant in these comments. It’s just sad that people are so short-sighted, colonized, and lost…don’t even know who they are…LOL.

  7. Halle Berry looks like a full black to you? LOL! No shade but she’s not named a “sex symbol” by mainstream (WHITE) media for no reason. They harp on her ambiguous/eurocentric features that’s why. I love a beautiful sister but Halle Berry is not that. She’s gorgeous but that’s not a black woman.

    I know she had a nose job and looks lighter than she did in the 90s but honestly she could pass as racially ambiguous or hispanic at best if she applied a good flat-iron. Somebody with Halle’s phenotype won’t experience the same amount of overt racism in a non-black majority space like the way somebody with Naomi Campbell’s phenotype would. Racism is deep but colorism and “passing” goes a LONG way. Both are stunning women btw.

    I think the racial mixing and the one-drop rule has America’s viewpoint on race distorted. Let Halle/Zendaya go to Brazil or hell MORROCO, and they will blend right in with the majority population.

  8. It all comes from one color (gene) if it has melanin it comes from and is of African Heritage. I have a very swirled up family, the lighter complexed kids struggle with their blackness especially since Trump. They get the “business” from both sides. So we continue to debate who is black or black enough However white folks and the kkk will clear it all up.

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