In Today’s Anger Report: Ginuwine Is “Transphobic”?

ginuwine looks great for his age.
i wish timbaland still kept working with him.
justin timberlake must have been a better sell.
you know why i’m mad today?
this cold ass weather is trying to make me sick.
i’m in-between “how about a cold?” and “i’m good!”.
i feel like others just wake up to be angry to vent on social media.
well the trans community is allegedly in arms over ginuwine now.
he is on celebrity big brother 2018 and rejected a kiss from trans vixen,
that lovely word,
is being thrown out there.
this is the video…

i’m waiting for the part i’m supposed to be outraged by this footage.
he’s allegedly:

wouldn’t want to date a transvixen

he wasn’t disrespectful about not wanting to be kissed either.
because he leaned away?
if the roles were reversed,
and ginuwine did the same to a vixen,
they would have been ready to “#metoo” his ass.

i know everyone has all this misplaced anger they want to get out,
and i totally get some of it,
but let’s try a healthier release like painting or boxing.
it might do wonders.

lowkey: speaking of ginuwine,
did ya’ll ever see his alleged pipe leakage?
( x here )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “In Today’s Anger Report: Ginuwine Is “Transphobic”?”

  1. So….. where was the OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT moment?? I can see if he snapped, hurled homophobic slurs, got indignant and ignorant but, he did none of the above. Listen, I’m all for gay rights and everything but I’m behind damned tired of this happening every time someone straight doesn’t fall all over someone gay. I really hope this just blows over and goes away

    1. It the same things go with straight people and gay trans people someone gay doesn’t fall all over someone straight like those straight women who think they could turn gay men straight and straight men who think they could turn lesbian straight

  2. I don’t see no transphobia I do that to people sometimes there’s people that do not want to be kissed by anybody there’s people that do not want to be kissed by anybody I know a gay guy who rejected a gay trans man and the trans man got upset and called him transphobic he didn’t do nothing wrong either he has the right to say no if I have a rejected a woman heterophobia no.

    1. I mean I rejected a woman dose that makes me heterophobic ☝️☝☝no. I seen gaymen rejected straight women and the woman got upset and call them misogynistic

  3. that’s just like Will Smith getting kissed by that creepy guy. I go to the gay community of South beach and kissing on the cheek is a code among the gays but they will not kissing anyone they do not know.

  4. I definitely would have to agree with everyone who so far didn’t see a problem with his response it’s a natural response for anyone who doesn’t want to go there and they were clearly having a very mature discussion about the matter and the transsexuals in the group were so nice and cool about it so I don’t see how could anyone see what he did was wrong.

  5. *Rolls Eyes* As a trans-vixen myself I see nothing wrong with what Ginuwine did. I too wouldn’t wanna kiss some random. Ain’t no tellin what she got. Folks be trying so hard to be press over something, like please get a hobby and find you some business. Next Caaaaaase!!! (in my Khia voice)

  6. People are way too sensitive and will always try to make someone seem like they have hatred towards a certain community. If that is not his type, it is not his type, and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

  7. White people I swear anyway I was expect Ginuwine to be on Instagram going on rant about Trans but again the LGBT blowing something else out proportion. She lucky he didn’t pop her in her mouth for being disrespectful.

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